New IGA Supermarket Opens in Nevis
By Monique Washington
Horsford Valu Mart IGA Nevis (Photo: ZIZ)
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Nov. 18 -- Hundreds of people flocked to Long Point Thursday morning for the grand opening of the new Horsford Valu Mart IGA Nevis.

Samuel Rowe, general manager of Horsford Valu Mart IGA, described his feelings about the opening as 'way beyond happy'

He said Horsford Valu Mart IGA Nevis has been in the making for a long time.

'The plan was revised some three years ago but it has been in the making for beyond three years,' he said. 'It was revised and this is what came out of the revision.

'I must say it's a wonder product. Seeing the Horsford Valu Mart open is one of the most wonderful feelings I have ever had in a long long time.'

Mr. Rowe said customers can expected 'more shopping space, better customers service, a cleaner environment, water free shopping, floor wider variety, low prices every day, and discounts with the Horsfords value card.'

IGA stands for Independent Grocers Alliance, a group of groceries that buy together wholesale in order to get lower prices, Rowe said.

The large complex includes a supermarket, Horsford furniture room and upstairs are rooms that will be rented as office space and shops.

'At the entrance there will be a gas station,' he said. 'Right now they are finishing the paving and early next year there will be a gas station,' he declared.

One of the first customers in the complex said that the supermarket had many good choices.

'I got product at Horsfords that I normally have to bring from the states so it was a really nice experience,' the unnamed customer said. 'The aisle is much bigger so I can stop and chat with my friends and not block the traffic. That was wonderful.

'I was so thrilled to find things that I haven't been able to get before.'

Rowe made a plug for the new complex, saying, 'Customers may not realize this as yet, but this is where they need to shop. This is where it is all going to be.'