Number 919 • Friday, June 8, 2012

Michael Perkins Sues Nevispages for Libel
By LK Hewlett
Michael Perkins
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The internet-based media agency Nevispages Ltd is being sued for libel, The Observer has learned.

The claim was filed in the Nevis High Court by former Concerned Citizens Movement candidate Michael Perkins on Thursday (June 7).

According to the court document Perkins is claiming that Nevispages early in May falsely and maliciously printed and published a statement or posting by a contributor referred to as “N.R.P. Baby” in the section known as “Put in your 2 cents” which alleges not only fraud in relation to the road constructed between New Castle to Cotton Ground, but also to missing money from the Taiwanese Government of US$1,000,000 for the Performing Arts Center and of fraud in connection with the Vance Amory Airport.

According to the claim, the statement was made in connection with Perkins’ 2010 defamation suit against the Leeward Media Group. The lawsuit was in relation to a commentary in the Leeward Times in which the author accused Perkins of fraud, alleged overpayment and of bad construction and incompetence in relation to a road constructed between New Castle to Cotton Ground.

The trial hearing of that matter took place at the Charlestown High Court between March 20, 2012 and April 22, 2012 before Justice Albert Redhead.

Justice Redhead handed down his decision in a Judgment on the May 5, 2012 awarding Perkins damages in the sum of $250,000 together with costs.

Perkins claims the post infers that he has been living on the stolen money since his stint as Minister of Works and also had a hand in the alleged missing US$1million from the Taiwanese Government for the Performing Arts Theatre. The post, he said, “exposed the malice of the author of the Statement and by implication the publisher of the posting or statement”.

“By reason of premises the Claimant has been gravely injured in his character and reputation and has been brought into public scandal, odium and contempt and has suffered damages,” the claim reads.

As it relates to damages Perkins is seeking “compensatory damages for libel inclusive of aggravated damages” and an injunction to restrain Nevispages from further publishing the offending statements.