CCM Defeats NRP in Nevis Elections
Vance Amory to be sworn in as new Premier
By LK Hewlett
CCM supporters otside party headquarters in Charlestown after the results were announced
CCM Team: (L-R) Keith Scarborough, Vance Amory, Alexis Jeffers, Mark Brantley, Spencer Brand
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Jan. 23 -- The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) has been elected to run the affairs of Nevis for the next five years. The party, which had been in opposition since 2006, secured 3 of the 5 seats to defeat the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) during Tuesday’s Nevis Island Assembly election.

In St. Pauls (Nevis 1) Robelto Hector beat CCM’s Spencer Brand 730-639; in St. Johns, (Nevis 2) Hon. Mark Brantley defeated NRP’s Hensley Daniel 1584 – 1344; Premier-elect Hon. Vance Amory won the St. George seat (Nevis 3) over NRP’s Patricia Hanley 713-195; Hon. Alexis Jeffers defeated NRP’s Hon. Patrice Nisbett 980-760; and in St. Thomas (Nevis 5) former Premier Joseph Parry beat CCM’s Keith Scarborough 483-176.

The CCM captured a total of 4092 votes over NRP’s 3512; there were 41 rejected ballots.

Hector beat newcomer Brand in 4 out 6 boxes; Brantley beat Daniel in 7 out of 12 boxes; Amory defeated Hanley in all 5 polling stations; Jeffers beat Nisbett in 5 of the 6 boxes and Parry defeated Scarborough in all 3 boxes.

The vote counting went down to almost 7:00 am as the notorious “Cox Box” in St. Johns was recounted. Based on the lead Brantley had after polling station 4A was announced and the number of ballots cast in the final box 4B, CCM supporters and candidates began celebrating their victory ahead of the official results.

Supervisor of Elections Raphael Archibald addressed the nation at 7:00 am Wednesday (Jan 23) and announced the results of the elections. He said after a long day and night, the election was over and he congratulated those who assisted the process.

“It has been a long day and a long night but it is all over now. The Nevis Island Assembly Elections 2013 have come to an end. I would like to say thank you to persons and institutions that have helped the whole process plus the Almighty God for bringing us safely through the election period.”

He thanked the voting and general public for keeping the peace during the campaign and voting processes.

“I would like to thank the voting public for the peaceful way they conducted themselves in the long lines at the polling stations and the general public for keeping the peaceful conduct throughout the period of the elections,” he said.

Archibald also congratulated the successful candidates.

“My congratulations to the winning candidates as they move on to take up their new positions. ... Some people are breathing a sigh of relief, others are rejoicing and others yet are bemoaning their loss. Whatever category we are in let us not forget that we must all now work together to build a strong and prosperous Nevis.”

Premier-elect Hon. Vance Amory said it had been a long and difficult fight but the team was humbled by the confidence the electorate had shown in the CCM.

“We have worked hard and we have always kept our ears and our feet on the ground. Of course we had the trials and court case which of course tested us not just in terms of money but in time and our resilience to take a cause and pursue it to the very end because in all of this we were trying to preserve our democracy; return decency and transparency to government in Nevis.

“I am hoping that this will move across the waters in the not too distant future so that we can see our country on a whole returned to a state that we can feel good about.”