Number 965 • Friday, April 26, 2013

Thompson’s Family Blames DPP for ‘Botched’ Murder Trial
By Monique Washington
Delvin Wilkinson leaving court with sister
Chantelica's sister being comforted
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Some family members of murder victim Chantelica Thompson have expressed outrage at the performance or lack thereof of the Director of Public Prosecution in the Delvin Wilkinson murder trial.

Wilkinson walked out of the High Court in Charlestown on Tuesday ( April 22) a free man after his Lordship Ag. Justice Benjamin John QC accepted a No Case Submission from the defense headed by Dr. Henry Browne QC.

Wilkinson was charged with murdering Thompson, his girlfriend, in their Pond Hill home on November 2, 2010. Wilkinson pleaded not guilty to the charge in November of 2011 and had his case repeatedly traversed from one Assizes to the next. Wilkinson’s case began on Monday with Rhonda Nisbett-Browne heading the Prosecution . She presented 12 witnesses, none of whom the defense found reason to cross examine.

Outside the court house after the case one of Thompson’s aunt told the media she was disappointed that “they did not do any proper investigation that’s why that young man is standing on the step without silver bracelets”.

The distraught relative said the prosecution needs “a lot of coaching in processing criminal cases”.

The aunt, who served as a witness for the prosecution and who stayed both days listening to the trail, said the witnesses were not asked the proper questions to give the jury a true picture of what happened to her niece.

“There were many questions that could have been asked and there are things that they could have been done differently,” she said.

She pointed out that she did not feel as if her testimony helped the case because of the way the DPP “put over” the questions.

She also blamed the police for “poor investigation” into the incident.

“In a high profile case like this I do not see that you go to a crime scene and you haven’t taken even one fingerprint off of the assumed murder weapon. That left a lot to be said about processing. I think the case was not well put together because you can tell not enough research was done because even though the evidence was circumstantial they could have done research and come up with conclusive evidence,” she said.

Dr. Browne too had questioned why there was no forensic evidence presented or witnesses to testify to his client’s involvement in the murder. He surmised that no investigation had been conducted by the authorities.

Recalling Wilkinson’s statement to the police after the murder, she said he admitted that there was a second person at the house, however that person was never questioned or called as a witness.

“There was a second person; the accused said that he called his friend to the house, his friend Boogey. So where is Boogey? Is he the real Boogey Man or is he just a name? You have to find out who is Boogey,” she stressed.

The aunt ended her impromptu interview by saying, “The court under the clock might set you free but the court of conscience cannot set you free.”

In a previous interview with The Observer a relative of Thompson’s was confident that the Prosecution had enough evidence to convict Wilkinson.

“Even though the evidence is there I am hoping it would be presented and presented in such a way that it is air-tight, he can’t get away from it and no spin can go on the evidence. So we don’t want it to be a matter of circumstantial evidence,” she said.

After the case, however one relative who was present in the court vented her frustration on Facebook.

“People would think that the Defense was that great...but in all honesty, the Prosecution was that weak...they SUCK!”

Another relative also taking to Facebook prayed that the “murderers have no peace of mind”. The individual questioned the ability of the police to properly carry out investigations into such matters.

“May they be always haunted by the thoughts and memories of what they did and may the police officers learn to do their job efficiently and effectively that families can get closure to these situations and may the murderers who do these acts and walk free have no rest, no peace of mind and no comfort until they come clean and confess/admit to what they did.”