By Ketricia Finch

St. Kitts Reporter

Roman candles zoomed overhead, an up-tempo soca tune kicked in and people screamed for their favorite contestant as the eight young ladies of the 2007 Miss Personality And Marvelous (PAM) show, along with the 2006 winner, Sonni Richardson, showed their abilities.

All smiles and grace, the girls were synchronized in every step of their dance; wearing short, white dresses with silver glitter and matching headwear.

There was an outburst of applause and whistles at the PAM headquarters as the ladies finished the performance and retired backstage.

For the personality speech segment the girls made tributes to unsung heroes of the PAM party from their respective constituencies.

Shonda Wilkerson, representing constituency No. 2 spoke of Austin Eddy and Shannoy O’Loughlin of constituency No. 7 discussed long-term  PAM activist Mary Georgina Charles-George.

The judging for the first appearance was as follows: Personality carried 15 points and Diction and Clarity carried 10.

Shajahma O’Donahue was first up in  the talent segment doing a dramatization and dance depicting a local vendor whose life is a struggle during and after World Cup Cricket. She also mentioned the increase in national debt the Federation has to face in the future due to the cricket.

Kendra Hutton did a sympathetic dance in remembrance of the late Michelle Weekes-Benjamin, whose lifeless body was found in a septic tank a few months ago.

Shannoy added comic relief after Kendra’s touching dance. She imitated a pastor preaching and suggesting that the nation is deteriorating as a result of the life and lies of the Labour Party.

After Shannoy read the scriptures, pretended to wipe sweat that was running down her face and prayed for the nation, a lady in the crowd bellowed out, ‘That was the best so far!’.

Shannoy received thunderous applause for her performance.

Shonda danced to the popular Luther Vandross tune, Dance With My Father Again and used the song’s name as the theme for her performance as the song. Her dance was dedicated to the males in society who are becoming destructive, involving themselves in crime, violence, drugs, etc.

Chelsea Williams and Daria Warner also danced. Neveissa Lake did a steel pan rendition dedicated to the late Earl ‘Boots’ Jones. Her performance alsohighlighted the social problems facing society today such as gun-smuggling and HIV/AIDS. One man shouted, ‘Now that’s talent, not de chatting as some of them were doing!’ when Neveissa was finished.

Ralseia Glasgow closed the talent segment with a dramatization depicting a university graduate who has just returned home, is trying to seek employment in the public sector but fails because of her family’s political background.

Shajahma stunned the audience as she opened up the creative wear segment – Power of the Paper. Her dress was the paper version of St. Kitts-Nevis’ national dress.

Kendra strutted on stage worded in a dress having a blend of the national flag’s colours with the matching hat and umbrella. Her creative wear was called ‘National Radiance’.

Shannoy was next. She emerged depicting the ‘garden lady’ image. Her moss green and orange ‘Kang Kang’ dress was made from copies of the Democrat newspaper.

Shonda’s purple and green dress was made of tissue paper and depicted the theme, Let us Save our Trees.

Chelsea’s dress was a mixture of the seven colours of the rainbow. Ralseia was gorgeous in her dress called Sweet Temptations.

Next was the Ring Bang Calypso Show that is usually a part of the PAM queen show. It featured 13 local calypsonians contending for the 2007 Ring Bang Monarch title.

The competitors had one round to impress the judges.

Some of the calypsonians were The Messenger, The Neglecter who sang the hilarious song Who you love, you love, Singing Angie, Hot Rod who sang The World, Big Lice who performed The Letter, Magoo, Unexpected who performed his song, Nobody gon hang me, Quantash who sang Have Pity and I-Soursop, who did a brief dramatization before he sang The Watchman.

The 2006 winner of the Ring Bang Show was unable to attend the show to defend her crown.

The evening wear segment was the final of the show. Shajahma was radiant in her yellow gown with the matching rose in her hair. Kendra strutted around the stage in her orange and gold dress, in rhythm to the song A moment like this by Jessica Simpson.

All eyes were fixed on the tall, elegant Shannoy as she floated around the stage in her silky green, body-hugging dress. Silver accessories accompanied the piece. Shonda wore a beautiful red gown with silver rhinestones. Both Chelsea and Neveissa were gorgeous in their sky blue gowns, however there were slight variations.

Chelsea used matching gloves and had larger glitters on her dress. Daria’s Sun Dance dress was unique, having off-the-shoulders sleeves. Ralsia was beautiful in her lime green gown.

After the night’s events was the judging. Shannoy became the 2007 Miss PAM Queen with 578 points. She won 2 out of 4 appearances, creative and evening wear. Ralseia obtained 550 points and settled in 1st place. Kendra was short of 1 point away from the 1st place position.

Daria took the 3rd runner up position. The outcome the Ring Bang competition was I-Soursop taking the 3rd runner-up spot, Forrest was 2nd runner-up, Big Lice was 1st runner-up and Singing Angie became the Ring Bang winner.

The winners of the other categories were Photogenic and Congeniality – Neveissa, Personality Speech – Neveissa and Ralsia and Talent – Ralsia.