Galaxy Real Estate Corporation and the White Gate Development Corporation have signed an agreement for the purchase of land to facilitate a resort development. Eight acres of land in the White Gate area are being sold to Galaxy Real Estate Corporation (GREC) for the construction of a condo, residence and hotel resort complex. Chairman Thomas Williams of White Gate Development Corporation (WGDC) said the project is the US$40 million Heldens Estate Condo Resort and Residences. During the construction stages Mr. Williams said the project would employ persons from the immediate area, and later from around the entire island. He said, “Our young professionals in engineering, construction and the various other fields would be associated with this endeavor, and of course, after that, there will be the regular employment in its operations.”Chief Executive Officer Ms. Ying Jin signed on behalf of GREC. Speaking through an interpreter, Ms. Jin said, “We feel the passion of the local people here through the conversation and cooperation with the White Gate. We would have a deeper cooperation with the White Gate through the Heldens project. We would establish a new resort in the area of White Gate through this cooperation because this area gives us a lot of hope in the future. “Together with our cooperation in the project, we will assure that this project will increase the employment in the area and tourism and also develop the economy of St. Kitts and Nevis. We would spear no efforts to make this project the best.”Over 200 condos, apartments and villas are to be part of the Heldens Estate Condo Resort & Residences. No information was available on design or how soon the project is expected to start.