Going into 2014, Premier Hon. Vance Amory wants businesses to know his government is amenable to collaboration. “It is imperative that the private sector investors continue to take a positive lead in taking advantage of the concessions and the fiscal incentives which the Nevis Island Government can provide to facilitate their investment, to create employment and expand economic activity in our country,”he said. “I wish to commend all of our Private Sector partners, who have demonstrated a willingness to invest in our country. I am convinced that this is a show of confidence which will continue in the long run.”Public/private cooperation will form ‘the foundation of this economic thrust to create employment and begin the upswing in economic growth for the future,”he said. He reiterated figures from his recent budget address, which was presented in parliament on Wednesday, Dec. 18. He listed several forthcoming private sector projects, including a Four Seasons Resort Estate project valued at US$60 million, a new villa development worth US$100 million and a US$60 million expansion of Mount Nevis Hotel. He said these projects will boost the economy by bringing more tourists to the island and creating jobs for builders and other laborers. “In the budget for this new fiscal year 2014, your government has indicated that there will be a boost in the construction industry which will see the creation of near to 100 new jobs, which in turn, will have the effect of boosting demand in the economy and thus creating additional jobs,”he said. He highlighted other initiatives he hopes will benefit Nevisians in the year ahead, including road repair projects, an expansion of Alexandra Hospital and the commencement of the much-discussed geothermal energy project. To learn more about the NIA’s plans for public/private development, pick up the Observer on Friday, Jan. 10. To read the premier’s full address, visit http://nia.gov.kn/index.php/NIA/premier-of-nevis-2014-new-year-message.html .