It must be rather sickening and boring reading articles week after week regarding the disgraceful situations resulting from the recently concluded electoral confirmation process.” Rest assured, however, I will never hold my peace while wrong happenings are taking place at our electoral office here on Nevis. If the mysterious appearance and disappearance of a deceased person’s name to and from the voters list was scary, what it presently taking place is mind boggling, unbelievable and sinister. The vast number of objections taking place speaks for itself. The alarming number of admitted mistakes signifies gross incompetence or wilful tampering. The sloppy manner in which cases are being handled begs for a complete recall of the entire process and some sensible and workable plan put in place to replace what took place during December 28, 2007 and October 4, 2008.” The NRP at this midnight hour has also seen it fit to join the objection party.” Meanwhile, their hierarchy along with elected government officials has been spending countless hours at the electoral office causing grave suspicion. Why really are there so many objections?” Some of the reasons being mentioned are baseless and should have been crushed upon submission.” Objecting to Stedman Tross who now lives in Paradise after residing in Stoney Grove for 8 years and being legally confirmed as required by the rules and regulations governing the electoral confirmation process, is absolutely absurd and a waste of precious time.” Now, will John Doe who was confirmed on St. Croix when our delegation went there on that mission be objected to? He was confirmed as living in Cotton Ground. Confusion galore looms heavily within and surrounding the entire confirmation process and its aftermath, and it’s only getting worse. The simple confirmation exercise seems not to be understood by the very same individuals who are entrusted with carrying out that responsibility. The only reasonable solution at this juncture to protect decency and democracy within our society is to flush the entire program and start anew with competent and honest individuals in control.”” Calling upon the supervisor of elections to get involved and take control of the mess he allowed to be created is simply a waste of time.” Sadly, it appears that he is incapable of making any meaningful or fair decision at this particular time and one can sympathetically understand why.” He has ignored reports of wrong doing at the electoral office here on Nevis.”” He has supported the flip-flop manner in which many complaints regarding that office are being handled. Concerns have been great and there have been more questions than answers regarding the daily operations at the office here on Nevis. However, answers received have left one more confused than ever.” Daniel A. Williams received and is presently holding his legitimate voter’s registration card in his possession. His name cannot be found on the latest official list simply because it is not there.” How much more laughable can it get?”” It is quite understandable, however, that the good gentleman has endured a great deal of pressure and stress within recent times and therefore might be incapable of doing the right thing by resigning in order for someone else to take over what has been a dismally failed exercise. This present moment might not be the wrong time for calling on the Prime Minister to step in and do whatever necessary to restore some integrity to the electoral process. Most definitely, the office at Chapel Street has been riddled with bitter complaints for the past three years and the authorities have refused to make that critical change.””” As we applaud and congratulate the clean, honest, decent and high level campaign of president elect Barack Obama, it is pleasing to hear Caribbean leaders among others worldwide who have expressed their sentiments.”” Ironically, it seems highly contradictory and somewhat comical that our Federation’s leaders lift not a finger to try and eradicate the dictatorship style happenings at our electoral office.” Instead, Obama’s name is being used and attached to the campaigns. What hypocrisy. One might ask why are such things taking place on Nevis?” The answers are staring us in our faces daily as we witness the movements in and around our local office at Chapel Street.” It is abundantly clear that the objective of this highly questionable electoral office operation is to force upon Nevisians a government that the majority of voters do not want.” It appears that some brilliant minds have decided that padding the list in certain constituencies will do the trick and with inside help from that critical avenue, they are hoping to prevail. Let us not forget, however, that CCM won the popular votes and received over 52% of the votes cast in the election of 2006.” By fraudulently rigging the list in certain areas, one can quite easily miss the point and weaken an area that NRP has never lost an election.” It could very well be that maybe, for the first time that area could be depleted and the usual winning candidate might be found wanting, left stranded down the wicket and be out stumped. This dilemma has now gone beyond serious and we are asking for democracy to be restored within our federation.” We are asking you, Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Llewellyn Douglas to recall the failed attempt of electoral reform that has plagued injustice upon our people. You promised electoral reform and what you were going to do with it.” Sir, that is not the way to go.” It is not too late to offer some justice, please.