The cheer has gone up around the Federation- We won! – but it remains to be seen if there has been any victory at all. When one considers the motion of no confidence saga it seems never ending- claims, strike outs, motions, appeals, submissions, declarations. Yet the people are no closer to a resolution. The continuous back and forth within the annuls of the courthouse have left the populace confused, frustrated and fed up. Both sides say they have won small victories; both sides quote the constitution and claim to be in the right. The people saw a flutter of hope Wednesday that maybe things were moving forward, the motion would be debated or the Prime Minister would ring the bell. Alas they were told it’s back to court again and the status quo at government headquarters remains. An attorney for the opposition pointed out that no one expects the government players to do the right thing when it comes to the motion. Instead the government continues to dole out tax payers’ money to a gaggle of high-priced lawyers from as far away as the UK. Even if the judge rules in favor of the opposition in the coming months, there is still the matter of appeals…as an attorney for the government said, this thing is far from over. The elections are due 11 months from now and the likelihood of this motion matter being resolved before then is slim to none. A victory so late in the game would be a matter of bragging rights by then, having shaved off possibly just a few months from Douglas’ fourth term. So a win at this juncture could still be perceived as a failure to bring down the Labour government. But the opposition trudges on, determined that the motion should be debated or the Prime Minister should throw in the towel, even if it’s the last ball in 9 th inning.