Another Of Dr. Harris’ Siblings Booted From Office by Staff Reporter Lenworth Harris
Questions of victimization have been raised over the recent suspension of Lenworth Harris from the post of General Manager at the Development Bank. After being abruptly sent on leave for nearly six months, the brother of Team Unity Leader Dr. Timothy Harris, received a letter last week, notifying him of his suspension. Lenworth Harris was instructed by the Board of Directors last July to take all accrued leave which would have ended on January 8th. The Observer understands that Mr. Harris questioned the length of the leave, but was told that the calculations were correct. During his time away from the job, the company vehicle assigned to him was taken away by a bailiff. Reports are that Harris was anticipating further action on the part of the bank, and was not surprised when he was hand-delivered a letter two days before he was due to return to work, notifying him that he had been suspended. The bank is investigating his purported failure to forward to the Board certain correspondence and a report. The letter advises that he will be provided with further details in seven days. The Observer understands that Harris – who has been with the Bank for over 12 years and has served as General Manager since 2007 – is confident that he has not breached any bank policy or rules, and awaits further word on what he is alleged to have done wrong. Meantime, posts have started to appear again recently on the Facebook of page of a Lentworth Harris, that is designed to appear to be his. Some of the pages’ posts are markedly anti-government. While Harris was still at the Bank, he issued a disclaimer indicating that the page, which was activated in January of last year, was not his. The posts subsequently stopped, but began again in November. Harris is said to be perturbed by the attempt to misrepresent him, and is concerned that people have befriended the person, believing it to be him. Harris’ brother Timothy, a former Senior Government Minister who was fired for not towing the line with Cabinet, later crossed the floor with former Deputy Prime Minister Sam Condor to form a new party, and join the opposition alliance, Team Unity. Since then a number of his siblings employed with the government have run into issues on the job, leading to accusations from the Opposition of victimization. Just over a year ago, another brother Hester Rawlins was abruptly made to resign his post as Fire Chief having reached the retirement age of 55. This, despite the fact that numerous senior civil servants, and security forces officials have been retained past that age. Rawlins has said he is upset at how suddenly he was made to leave the post, and believes it was deliberate. Two of Harris sisters also appear to have been targeted. Donna Harris the Director of Legal Aid was locked out of her offices while she was on vacation in December. Initially unable to access the premises, she is said to have reported to the Court that she was being obstructed from doing her work. She was later granted access to the premises again after a meeting with the Minister of Justice. Janine Harris-Lake meanwhile, is fighting an ongoing battle, challenging her reassignment from the position of High Court Registrar to the newly created post of Director of Legal Reform. She argues that only the Judicial and Legal Services Commissioner can remove her from the position and not the Minister of Justice or Public Services Commission from whom correspondence and instructions have originated. For the past few months, while her lawyer works on her case, she has been spending her days sitting alone in a newly renovated office at Port Zante, reportedly waiting for a job description. Dr. Harris told The Observer Lenworth is the latest family member to be victimized by the Denzil Douglas led government. MP Harris says Dr. Douglas is going after his siblings, who are qualified professionals hired on merit, because he cannot exact his vengeance on him personally. “My brother is a victim of the arrogance and spite of the Douglas party on its way out. He has made me a prime target but he is unable to do more to me because I remain in the hearts and minds of the people of my constituency. “Unable to deal with me at the political level he has savagely and wickedly resorted to victimizing my family,” Dr. Harris said, adding his thanks to the many persons he said have shown support and encouragement during troubled times. The MP said the continued acts of victimization are further examples of why the populace should elect a Unity government, to put an end to victimization and foster a new atmosphere of healing and reconciliation.