An extraordinary Parent-Teacher meeting will be held today, Wednesday at the Basseterre High School to discuss the ongoing health concerns at the institution. Representatives from the Ministries of Education and Health will meet with the school’s PTA and management and also with representatives from the St. Kitts Teachers Union. Over the past few weeks a number of stakeholders have spoken on the issue of possible health risks at the BHS. Teachers and students have reported skin and respiratory illnesses and newly renovated labs on the western campus remain unused. Minister of Education Hon. Nigel Carty said all parties are working together to try to arrive at a solution; that was only after he blasted faculty for trying to initiate industrial action. Teachers went on strike in November 2012, alerting the public to possible contamination in the school. After testing confirmed mold and improperly stored chemicals, several exposed pipes with raw sewage were discovered behind classroom walls. All the labs on the western campus and two on the western wing were renovated last year, however according to staff and students, similar symptoms began appearing again last October. The Ministry of Education has spent over $2mil renovating the Basseterre High. Parents of fifth formers especially are becoming even more anxious now over impending CXC exams. Last year BHS students writing science subjects were exempted from lab work in light of their displacement in the months preceding the 2013 regional exams. CXC has made it clear that no such exemption will be given this year.