Bishop Ron Collins To Be Appointed BHS Principal LK Hewlett Story Updated: September 03rd 2015 at 9:06 am
Bishop Ron Collins, formerly the head of the Guidance Counseling staff at the Basseterre High School, has been named as the school’s new principal. The Observer confirmed this with Ministry of Education Minister Hon. Shawn Richards. “Mr. Ron Collins, who was the Deputy Principal, will hopefully assume the post of Principal,” he said. Richards said while Collins has been selected, confirmation of his appointment would have to come through the Public Service Commission. Collins will take over the school when it re-opens next week for the new school year. He had been recently appointed Deputy Principal following the departure of Carlene Morton, who held the Principal position for five years, and that of the school’s second in command Amanda Edmeade. Collins is the present president of the St. Kitts Teachers Union. BHS will also have a new Deputy Principal in John Samuel, formerly of the Cayon High School. The Minister opted not to reveal the name of the new principal for the Washington Archibald High School saying there is a process that has to be adhered to. The former principal, Clifford Govia took up another civil service post two weeks ago. Several other schools including the Bronte Welsh Primary will have new heads on Monday. Minister Richards said the necessary proposals had been made to the Public Service Commission in order to fill those vacancies in the island’s schools.