Members of the Constituency Boundaries Commission are scheduled to meet Wednesday (Aug 27), The Observer has confirmed. Premier Hon. Vance Amory, one of two Opposition parliamentarians on the CB, confirmed this with The Observer Friday (Aug 22). Last week (Aug 18), Attorney General Jason Hamilton told parliament that the Commission was examining its options with regard to the CBC report that the court struck down on July 31. That report would have effected changes to a number of constituency boundaries in both St. Kitts and Nevis, a move Opposition members claimed was intended to gerrymander the boundaries to effect a win for the ruling Labour Party at the impending general election. According to Hamilton, the constitution speaks to the CBC’s role in equalizing the number of inhabitants in the various constituencies in the federation. “As that stands now, there is some disparage between them and that will be corrected as soon as the work of the Commission continues,”he informed. Senator Vincent Byron Jr., the other Opposition MP on the CBC, raised an objection, questioning how the Commission was considering its option when Hon. Amory and himself had not been notified or included in the process. The other CBC members are Chairman Peter Jenkins and government Ministers Hon. Marcella Liburd and Hon. Asim Martin.