Mar. 4 — The Cayon Primary School has won the Primary School battle and has earned itself the title of “The Champion School.” During the Brimstone Hill Primary School Quiz held at the ZIZ studios on Thursday 25th February the Cayon Primary School emerged as the Champion beating the Newton Ground Primary School, the George Moody Stuart School, and the Bronte Welsh Primary. These four semi-finalists had emerged from the fiercely- contested Brimstone Hill Primary School Quiz held during the third week of February as part of the 2010 History and Heritage Week of Activities. In the Prize Giving Ceremony which followed the coveted Brimstone Hill Trophy was presented to the Cayon Primary School By the Esteemed President, Sir Pro Byn Inniss. Other trophies were presented to the students By Mr. Lester Hanley, of the Rotary Club of Liamigua and Mr. Basil Woods, member of Council of the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society. The names of the winning schools and the students are listed below: Full Points Preliminary Kishma Duncan, Samantha Richards – Irish Town Primary Khalifa Pencheon, Iansha Henry – Dr. William Connor Primary Kejel Jeffers – Cayon Primary Kaedida Fough – St. Paul’s Janecia Williams, Joeshan Bassue – Sandy Point Primary Orwencia Haynes – George Moody Stuart Glendicia Paul – Beach Allen Primary Josani Dorsette – Newton Ground Primary Full Points Semifinal Josani Dorsette – Newton Ground Primary Kieshmoy Hutchinson – St. Paul’s Primary Tyquan Warner – Bronte Welsh Primary Joshua Simmonds – George Moody Stuart Schools in Finals Newton Ground Primary Cayon Primary George Moody Stuart Primary Bronte Welsh Primary Champion School Cayon Primary School