The Japanese have a saying … “when a man succeeds he is a genius. Until then, he is a kook”. (“kook”meaning crazy). It is their expression that when a person cannot see or imagine what you do or are doing; they often say it is impossible. I would believe that the detractors of the CCM’s Mortgage Relief commitment, now subscribe (even if grudgingly) to this saying. Now I would not go so far as to say it is genius, as the principle is a proven one; but none can deny that it is born from a deep understanding of personal finance, and an equally deep desire to make thing better for those that need the assistance. That the detractors have gone silent since its implementation and announcement, is testimony to the solidity of the program, and the real and significant benefits to the homeowners who choose to be a part of it. Now what the CCM in Opposition committed to, and in Government has delivered is as remarkable in its simplicity as it is far reaching in its benefit to homeowners. Understanding that the biggest cost to homeowners is the interest that they will pay on their mortgages, the CCM Administration has delivered on its campaign commitment to assist in getting the rates of interest reduced, so as to lessen that cost. Additional, the CCM Administration has afforded the homeowners a 15% reduction in principle upon transfer to a financial institution here on Nevis. Imagine, not only are homeowners assisted in significantly reducing their interest costs over the life of their mortgages, saving hundreds of dollars each and every month; but they are also given an immediate savings of tens of thousands of dollars. It can easily be seen why none so far has been able to knock the program since it has been implemented; even though it had been hitherto trumpeted by a few as “cyarn be done”. But, the Americans (or at least the sports casting agent Jerry McGuire) will say ‘show me the money”. The following are three examples of actual mortgages and the savings realized. These were selected because they approximated the average of the balances of the lower, median and upper mortgages balances at the Housing Corporation. This example shows the savings of a mortgage that had a balance of $89,249.64 This example shows the savings of a mortgage that had a balance of $165,269.06 This example shows the savings of a mortgage that had a balance of $264,658.98 Even if a homeowner gets a rate of equivalence at 8%, the saving with the CCM program is remarkable. But the advantages to the homeowners do not stop there. Homeowners get immediate title to their homes. They can now build equity in their homes which they can borrow against, in times of emergency or to assist a child to college; or cash out if they so choose. Their caring CCM-NIA is even insisting that the Corporation foot the legal bill for the transfers. This program benefits everyone. It benefits even those who do not yet have, but are desirous of attaining a home from the NHLDC; as it gives the Corporation new capital with which to meet the needs of the people it serves. It also benefits the government and the wider population as these significant monthly savings by scores of homeowners will go toward the expansion of economic activity on the Island of Nevis, whether it is spent directly or saved by them, then borrowed and invested by another. I take it back … maybe it is genius.