Sandy Point’s Charles E. Mills Secondary School Eagles soared miles above their counterparts to dominate and win the 2014 TDC Interschool Championships‎ over the weekend. Thousands of supporters swarmed the Silver Jubilee Stadium to show support to their various schools and athletes‎ creating an atmosphere of excitement and anxiety. From the start of the three-day track and field ‎ event (Friday, March 28), CEMSS established and maintained the lead. Defending three-peat champions, the Washington Archibald High School Wildcats provided no real threat to the Eagles, placing a distant second in the competition. At the culmination of the games on Sunday (Mar 30) CEMSS walked away with 26 gold medals, 31 silvers, and 8 bronzes.‎ The Wildcats trailed with an overall medal count of 14 golds, 19 silvers, and 17 bronzes. The Clarence Fitroy Bryant College placed 3rd, their best positioning in several years, with 14 gold medals, 3 silvers, and 9 bronzes. The Victor and Victrix Ludorum were both athletes of the champion school in the persons of Nathaniel Huggins and Kristal Liburd, respectively.