They said they were going to win, and that is just what the Charlestown Primary School did at the 2014 Golf Insurance Interprimary Sports on Wednesday. The annual primary school championships was held on April 2, at the Elquemedo Willett Park and began at 11am. It was contested by the eight primary schools on the island: Charlestown Primary School, Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School, Ivor Walters Primary School, Joycelyn Liburd Primary School, St. James’ Primary School, St. Thomas’ Primary School, Violet O. Jeffers-Nicholls Primary School, and the Maude Crosse Prep. Coach for the CPS made his intentions clear as far back as a month ago. “We won’t be sharing anything this year,” Elquemedo Willett told the Observer in March. This comment came following the announcement of CPS and STPS as last year’s joint winners. After close review of a race and the general public’s outrage, STPS was awarded with an extra point to induce the tie between the two. On Wednesday Charlestown Primary School dominated most of the events, and maintaining their pace to amass a total of 191 points. Capturing the second and third positions were STPS and JLPS with 145 and 141 respectively. CPS has an impressive track record attaining the trophy the most times by having five-peated on two separate occasions, with Willet as head coach leading the team to victory 12 times. The athletes have not disappointed and succeeded in bringing home another trophy. “We feel great and I’m glad we have this [trophy] on our own,” said CPS Sports master Willett. The victory is the result of months of training, the coach said. “We start a little training in September through December, nothing to serious, then we really got going in January.” With a half holiday being declared as is the custom for Nevis’ ‘mini-Olympics’, hundreds of fans and supporters gathered to witness the event, displaying a myriad of colours to represent their school of choice at the grounds.