Commissioner To Gov’t: Reinstate Inspector Isles LK Hewlett Story Updated: March 17 th 2015 at 10:55 am
Commissioner of Police CG Walwyn is demanding ‘demoted’ Inspector Rosemarie Isles be reinstated as an Acting Superintendent. Walwyn, who went on leave following the change of government in February, calls the recent stripping of the female officer’s Superintendent bars a deliberate and calculated act of ” victimization and gender biasness”. He said it was done without his knowledge and that of some members of the High Command, shortly after he left the island on leave. ” Please bear in mind that Acting Superintendent Joseph-Isles passed the written test, and passed the review board in the top three of the women and in the top five of the men. It is a clear case of victimization. This female officer has been the subject of victimization attempts before and they were addressed by me as C ommissioner of P olice. It is ironic that as soon as I took leave, the plan was put into action. I notified Prime Minister Harris and Attorney General Byron about the situation before I left the island. It still happened,” Walwyn said via a press statement today (Mar 16). He went on, ” The government needs to reinstate Acting Superintendent Isles-Joseph and let the process move forward. The government also needs to reprimand those who mislead them about the meeting and decision of the high command as some of us in the high command were never told of such a meeting or decision.” Walwyn said Isles’ promotion was well deserved and properly document despite claims that it was not done according to proper procedure. According to sources involved in the process, no documentation of Isles’ appointment can be found. The promotion of the female officer had been a source of much talk inside and outside the police rank and file. Many posited the promotion came about due to personal favoritism from above.