Court Of Appeal Injunction Decision Expected Today LK Hewlett Story Updated: February 5th 2015 at 1:25 pm
The Court of Appeal will at 2pm deliver its decision on the SKN Opposition’s appeal over a discharged boundaries injunction order. The injunction prohibiting the government from using new boundaries was granted January 16 by high court judge Justice Marlene Carter, but discharged on January 27 th . On Jan 16 Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas had proposed boundary changes proclaimed and gazetted and he dissolved the National Assembly. On Jan 27, within two hours of the injunction being discharged, he set Nomination Day for candidates on February 6 and Election Day on February 16. The Appeals Court last Thursday imposed an interim injunction on electoral officials barring them from taking any further actions on new boundaries until it could hear the Opposition’s appeal. The hearing date was set for February 9, three days after Nomination Day. On Friday, PM asked the CoA to expedite the hearing date on that basis, and on Monday the CoA set new date of Feb 4 in St. Lucia. The Attorney General, Simone Bullen Thompson, Angelina Sookoo, and Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan traveled to St. Lucia for the government and Electoral Officials. Lord Peter Goldsmith presented on the government’s behalf via teleconference. SC Douglas Mendes, Chris Hamel-Smith and Talibah Byron went to St. Lucia to represent the Opposition. Appellate judges Justices Davidson Baptiste, Mario Michel and Gertel Thom heard extensive presentations from both sides yesterday and vowed to render a decision today at 2pm. The outcome of the hearing will effectively decide whether the elections will be held on old or new boundaries.