International Freedom Concert promises not to disappoint Painstaking effort is going into the preparations for Culturama 40 to ensure the festival goes off without a hitch. This is according to Antonio Liburd, Executive Director of the Culturama Secretariat. He told The Observer that with 54 days left to “The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Lime’the Secretariat is taking its time to ensure Culturama activities are properly planned and executed. “Preparations are going a bit slow, but all in all things are progressing quite smoothly… We want to be slow and sure than fast and things crumble at the end,”he said. There is even more attention to detail being paid to the festival’s planning this year as it has been dubbed a momentous occasion. “We are very cautious in terms of making certain decisions, so we’re taking our time to sift through things and to make sure that they add positively to the 40 th anniversary celebrations,’said Liburd. Despite the unhurried efforts, other aspects of the cultural festivities are falling into place with increased participation for this year, specifically concerning troupes and calypsonians. “We have confirmation that we’ll have six schools participating in the junior parade… and in terms of adult troupes, we’ll have about 10,”Liburd said, adding that other persons have indicated their interest in organizing troupes. The number of calypsonians who will participate was estimated at 20, with room for more. “For calypsonians, there were some persons who had been out of the competition for a couple of years and they have given confirmation that they will be back for the 40 th anniversary calypso show,’said the Executive Director. One of the several activities of the C40 line up is the Tender Care International Freedom Concert. Nevisians can expect an energy-infused event from the several artistes, according to Mackie France, an executive member of TCI who spoke to the Observer. “I am confident that as big and as popular as the show was last year, this year is going to be even better. Persons can look forward to a very thrilling show of high quality [because of] the line up; there’s something for everybody,”he said. “We’ve covered all bases this year.”The lineup ranges from soca performances to reggae with confirmed acts Shurwayne Winchester, Tanya Stevens, Gyptian, and Luciano. The show will also feature performances by local talent, France assured, but said that aspect has to be finalized. Ticket prices and the venue will be announced later, and the concert will take place on July 31. International Freedom Concert 2013 featured Droop Lion, I-Octane and Dwayne Stephenson.