Police may be looking into the possibility that the individuals who shot and killed Tayan “Mackabee”Wilkin followed him to Nevis from St. Maarten. The Observer was informed that Wilkin, who was gunned down last Sunday night (Sept 22) while in a vehicle with at least two other persons, had just returned to Nevis for the christening of his youngest child born in August this year. he recently wed the mother of his two youngest children. It was reported that in recent times Wilkin had taken up residency in St. Maarten and was scheduled to return the day after he was murdered. There have been rumors that the 30-year-old Nevisian had been involved in illicit activity in the Dutch island which may have led to a hit being ordered. Meanwhile the prevalent theory remains that Wilkin’s killers are Nevisians who were waiting on him to return to the island to enact their revenge. While police took one person into custody following the shooting, to date the authorities have not informed of any charges being laid. Wilkin’s was the 9th murder to have occurred on Nevis this year and the Federation’s 19th.