This is one of the most powerful statements I have heard in a long time– Different Colour, One People . What a statement! Lucky Dube was a great visionary who died before his time, yet today his remarkable lyrics reverberate in my beautiful land of St.Kitts/Nevis. It is evident that his brilliant song was meant as a unifying symphony of the human spirit. He saw division, yet believes through his song a greater understanding of our differences can help foster togetherness. If our nation can embody the dreams and aspirations that Lucky Dube had for his native land of South Africa and the entire human race, we would then begin the process of transforming our land into a symphony of love and genuine reconciliation. One People The situation which transpired in St.Kitts on Friday between members of the opposition, the ruling party, and the police, clearly shows an escalation in tension among political parties. It now behooves the PM to bring the vote of No Confidence to the table in order to defuse the current political impasse. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that this entire conflict centered on the deliberate disregard by the Prime Minister’s refusal to allow a vote in the Parliament. If something is not done immediately to address this permeating political issue, our society might further disintegrate into uncontrollable unrest. If such an incidence develops, it would impede the future progress in the nation. When I saw on YouTube combatants from the Army with large weapons, I was particularly troubled. Such excessive force is totally unnecessary. If the intention of those who gave them permission was to use these men and women to inflict bodily harm, and by extension, cause the demise of their fellow citizens, it is not only impractical but foolish. Many of those combatants and police personnel had relatives and friends protesting placidly on Friday. The people of St.Kitts are all interdependent on each other for their freedoms, but they are also connected by a desire to maintain the survival of their relatives. When one considers that the protesters were marching calmly and were instructed by their leaders to always maintain high regard for the law, I did not see the need for the unwarranted show of force. Those who authorized the imprudent decision to use armed military men are doing so to the detriment of our democracy. It would be unfair for any intellectually honest individual to interpret the action of the protesters as merely incitement in order to produce a violent result, for such was not the case. What we saw was the result of some deeply frustrated and exhausted citizens of St.Kitts and Nevis making their dissatisfaction known to a Prime Minister who has overstepped his political bounds and is attempting take away their democratic rights. They were demonstrating peacefully and respectfully in observation for the law. It is apparent to me that the actions of members of the government to urge their supporters to wear their party symbol, talk loudly, and not back down is an attempt to foster division amongst the people in our nation. As Lucky Dube said so eloquently in his well-composed song, Different Colour, One People ! So let us embrace our brothers and sisters as friends, not enemies, for those people on the opposition side are not enemies of labor. They are individuals with different political view points who believe passionately that the recent decision of the government to sell our lands and passports to unknown people from Middle East will have an adverse effect on our nation. May I suggest that each party supporters make a conscientious effort to understand the concerns of one another so they that can come to a consensus. The nation needs to move in different direction and under the present circumstances it is doomed to fail. Conclusion In my opinion, those who marched certainly have legitimate concerns that ought to be addressed. The apprehension of those who support the government are also legitimate. How do we get beyond this impasse? Take the suggestion that I have given to you: listen to each others’ political platforms and determine who has the best ideas to protect the interest of the citizens of St.Kitts/Nevis. I have no doubt that our people have the intelligence to make an informed decision. Let us go forward and keep in mind though that even though your parties have different colours, you are still one people with one purpose: to make sure that democracy remains supreme in St.kitts/Nevis. To those who protest, you ought to allow love, peace, and consideration to become the symbol of your struggles– always. Don’t ever allow your anger to supersede your intellect. There are individuals who hope that your emotions overwhelm you to the extent that you become belligerent. Be calm and remember your aim is to maintain respect for the law in order to preserve your freedom.