Douglas Dynamics Trott Talk by Amba Trott
I sincerely believe the Denzil Douglas Dynamic has now been reduced to a motive force that is near complete exhaustion after almost twenty years of reckless, ruthless and ruinous operation. The long awaited St. Kitts and Nevis Federal Election which took place on February 16, exposed the unbeatable ‘Ten Man in One’ facade for what it really was and had been all along – a pathetic hoax! The brazen boast (threat/declaration) more than two years ago that he would not call the election until he was certain that every one of his candidates would win, has proven the man to be either a hoaxer or delusional. I don’t think he’s delusional, but… maybe I’m wrong. What do you think? ‘Ten Man’ ran things as though he were playing a game of poker with a fixed deck of cards. If you had a full house, he could produce four of a kind. If you laid down a straight flush, he would somehow come up with a Royal Flush. He’d even bring a few wild cards or Jokers into play, even though that wasn’t originally part of the deal. ( Of course I’m speaking metaphorically, you understand – except for the jokers.) And his Parliamentary procedures did not adhere to the guidelines of the Constitution or Commonwealth Convention, but to whatever the Speaker of the House decided to adopt, which was usually just what ‘Ten Man’ wanted anyway. He couldn’t lose. Even the Governor General allowed him to remain in power for more than two years with only a minority of elected representatives supporting him. And of course you remember that when the Governor General was inaugurated he said he came into that office “…by the wish of the Government, the consensus of the people, and the will of God.” With that kind of backing, how could ‘Ten Man’ possibly lose? No way, Hozay! The dynamics of gambling with a stacked deck of cards or a pair of loaded dice, normally favours the smooth operator, the double-dealer, the enticer, the cheat. The dynamics of a stacked deck or loaded dice in politics is somewhat similar. There’s an old adage ‘Practice makes perfect’, and so the little workout in the 2011 Nevis Island elections must have led ‘Ten Man’ and his ruling team to figure that with a few minor adjustments, they could successfully pull off the biggie in 2015. But I suspect that the Privy Council’s unexpected comments on the boundaries and other matters, completely upset ‘Ten Man’s’ election strategy and took away much of the certainty that he and those on his side had grown accustomed to and were certainly counting on. With enhanced awareness, diligence, and scrutiny by Team Unity and the aroused electorate, far less hanky-panky and questionable activity could occur than in previous elections. The Jokers were falling flat. I’ll bet that was why the Supervisor of Elections was clearly out of his element and abandoned his post before completing his assignment on Election Night. I believe that he was just one of the key elements that Douglas was counting on to ensure that every one of his candidates would win. But the old razzle-dazzle wasn’t working. It simply wasn’t going to happen again. Not this time around. It just wasn’t in the cards. And so on February 16, 2015, the bedazzling Denzil Douglas Dynamic was trumped by a triumphant Team Unity and brought to an inglorious standstill. May it long remain so!