The Hon. Sam Condor and Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris will run a joint campaign as independent candidates for constituencies #3 and #7 in the upcoming elections. The two parliamentarians were elected on the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party tickets in the 2010 election. Tensions between the two MPs and party leader Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas came to a head in January when Dr. Douglas fired Dr. Harris and former Deputy PM Condor resigned. Since then both former ministers have joined with opposition parliamentarians from the PAM and CCM parties to call for Dr. Douglas’ resignation and the tabling of the No Confidence Motion. Minister of Education Hon. Senator Nigel Carty has indicated that the Labour Party Chairman Dr. Harris and its Deputy Political Leader Mr. Condor will likely be drummed out of the party at an impending Special Convention. The Observer questioned Condor about his campaign plans to which the MP said he would soon hit the official campaign trail. “I will soon start having public meetings,”he said recently, “Dr. Harris and I; we will be running a joint campaign.”On April 17 the Hon. Condor held his first official constituency meeting since the fallout with Dr. Douglas. He made it clear that, “I don’t hate Dr. Douglas; I hate what he is doing”. He told the over 100 persons attending the meeting that Dr. Douglas would “come with a lot of money”during the election campaign. “He’s gonna be throwing a lot of money around,”he warned, advising the audience not to be taken in by false promises and pre-election favors. Dr. Harris made an appearance at the meeting and spoke to the issue of unity. He said despite all the Prime Minister’s proclamations of confidence in the electorate re-electing the Labour Party, Dr. Douglas knew he would not be successful at the next polls. “Douglas knows he can’t win a next election; never mind the dance and prance. All 8, then 7-1, then 6-2; every election Labour is going down,”he said. MP Harris said the Labour Party was likely to win just one seat in the next election, and not even that was certain. “We are hoping PAM will win #1, they will win #2, the Honorable Sam Condor will win #3, PAM will win #4 and #5, Douglas will win #6- what oryou say, not even that? It will be Harris again in #7 and PAM will win #8.”The Observer understands that the MPs intend to use orange as their campaign color but will not form a ‘party’ under which to run. If elected both men would be independent of any political party, however they along with the four Opposition MPs have agreed to form a unity government with any other successful candidates who wished to join them.