Electoral Office Breaches Identified! LK Hewlett
St. Kitts office to open Monday Attorney General Vincent Byron Jr. says the investigation into breaches at the Electoral Office has yielded fruit and soon the information will be revealed. “As far as the investigation as to the infractions at the Electoral Office, a number of breaches have been identified and at this point in time the investigation is still ongoing and one would not want to report on that at this point, but we will be doing so shortly,” he told The Observer in an exclusive interview May 27. The offices in both St. Kitts and Nevis had been closed within days of the election that put Team Unity into office. The Attorney General informed the public that the computer system in the office(s) had been accessed externally and ballot boxes with busted locks and been discovered in the St. Kitts Office. CID was called in to investigate and foreign expertise in computer forensics was brought in to assist. The AG said two weeks ago that the investigation was wrapping up, having previously stated that the investigation “would lead wherever it led”. During the interview he informed that the St. Kitts Electoral will re-open on June 1st more than a month after the one in Nevis re-opened its doors to the public. This confirmation comes after The Observer confirmed recent increased activity in the office on Central Street. The AG said Cabinet had discussed the matter and decided the office will be opened for business on Monday. “We are also working to put in place constitutional offices involved by that time. The Electoral Commission as well as the Supervisor of Elections and office staff will be going through an orientation,” he added. The constitutional positions which have to be appointed would be made after the Governor General consults with the Prime Minister, the Premier of Nevis, as well as the Leader of the Opposition. “We expect that His Excellency [Tapley Seaton QC] will be doing so over the next few days to, as it was, bring the electoral system up and to be running again.”