Eustace Wallace Appointed Counsellor At The St. Kitts And Nevis High Commission In London Press Release Story Updated: July 14 th 2015 at 3:28 pm Mr. Eustace Wallace, appointed Counsellor at the St. Kitts and Nevis High Commission in London, England
The St. Kitts Nevis Football Association Premier Division has come down to the final four teams who will tomorrow (July 15) begin the battle for the 2014/2015 championship. This year’s cup contenders are SOL Island Auto Conaree, Harris Paint St. Peters, Rams Village Superstars, and defending champions, S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United. Team representatives say they are fine-tuning their lineups for the games and will not have any more training so close to the actual competition matches. During a press conference yesterday (July 13) Conaree FC’s president Timothy Morton revealed that his team is well prepared for the competition and they have drafted a “comprehensive plan” to ensure success. “For Conaree preparation has been going quite well…we have been meeting quite frequently, and we are finalizing preparation for our camp…In terms of preparation, our team is well prepared. The only thing left is for the team to go out and execute,” he said. St. Peters FC manager Julian Morton also says his team is prepared and confident coming off a successful tour of St. Martin recently. The St Peters’ fans have been left disappointed for many years, seeing their team falling at the final hurdle on a number of occasions. “We have been going through tedious practice (sessions). We have taken the team to St. Martin as a matter of preparing for the final four and we played in two very exciting friendly games… We are still practicing here as well and everything is in place.” Meanwhile Captain Stephen Clarke says Rams Village Superstars is focusing on “formation, strategy and confidence”. “Our preparation is ongoing. We had a practice game yesterday (Sunday)…it was not about winning but about team formation and strategy. It was very well put together.” Head Coach of the St Pauls FC, Austin Huggins said there isn’t much more to be done at this stage in terms of preparation. He assured the team was ready to rumble. The Final Four will start with a double header. Conaree FC will take on St Peters, followed by St Pauls squaring off against Village Superstars at 8pm Wednesday. The other matches will be played on July18, 19 and 22. The Best of 3 matches will be played July 25, 28, (and if necessary) the 30th. All matches will be played on the Warner Park Stadium cricket field this year.