Nevis accounts for almost 50% The federation’s murder toll has increased slightly this year compared to 2012 with Nevis accounting for an unprecedented 47.6% of the 21 murders. As at December 30 th , there were 11 murders on St. Kitts compared to 15 in 2012, and 10 on Nevis compared to 3 for the comparative period. Most of the murders were as a result of gun violence, although there were four stabbing deaths and one case of strangulation. The year dawned on a disheartening note when on January 1 st 22-year-old Alex Thompson of Bath Village was shot dead at Pinneys Beach- no arrests have been made. The very next day (Jan. 2) 22-year-old Jelani Williams, originally from Sandy Point, was fatally stabbed during an altercation near the bus/ferry terminal on the Bay Road; no one has been arrested. After a brief lull the violence began again with the shooting death of Rudolph “Rudy”Browne, also known as “Smokey”, of Rawlins Pasture. The shooting took place in River Path, Gingerland, on January 26 while Browne was working at a construction site; no arrests have been made. On January 27 Jacqueline Gumbs of Parray Village, St. Peters stabbed to death boyfriend Lindsay “Smokey”Williams at their home. March saw two murders- 24-year-old Darren DuPorte of Godwin Estate, was shot and killed in Half Way Tree (Mar 3) and Miguel “Miggy””Nino”Byron, 32, was shot dead in Cayon on March 26. No arrests have been made in either case. The nation enjoyed less than 9 weeks without a murder, only to be hit with four in one week On May 14 Kishmoy Challenger, 29, of Pond Hill was gunned down shortly after at work at the Seaside Villas at Cliffdwellers, Nevis- no one has been charged. Four days later (May 18) 30-year-old Jermaine Dore of Hermitage, Cayon was gunned down while playing dominos outside a shop in Hogland, Lower Cayon. 24-year-old Krami “Imark”O’Loughlin”also of Hermitage, Cayon has been charged for his for murder. On May 20, Chazere Davis, an 18-year-old Sixth Form student, was found strangled to death in her family’s Taylor’s Pasture home. Reportedly her boyfriend, Jerome Kelvin Williams, 52, also of Taylors Pasture, killed the teen and then attempted to commit suicide. He was later charged with her murder. Nevis lost another young person on May 21when 21-year-old Jamal Isles of Fountain Village was shot to death inside his family home by two gunmen who, according to unconfirmed reports, knocked on the door in the predawn hours claiming to be police. No arrest has been made. June was a disastrous month with 6 recorded murders. On June 2, Sheldon “Sword”Cannonier, 30, of Newtown, was shot multiple times as he left a church service in Lime Kiln around noon. About a week later police arrested and charged Sylvester Crossley and Vance Thomas of McKnight and Shane Amory of New Road for the crime and a warrant is in existence for Kimo Flemming of Trafalgar Village. Fountain resident Denrick “Bluff”Hanley, 23, was found lying at the side of the road with a gunshot to the head in Mount Lily, Nevis on June 11. On June 19 Clement “Noomba””Hump”Greene, of Stone Fort Heights was gunned down in his shop after 1pm. Chesel Glasgow was subsequently charged with his murder. Adrian Springette alias “Mac 1”, 23, of Cedar Trees, Grove Village was shot dead around 2am at Grove Park, Nevis on June 22. No arrest has been made. Later that same day (June 22) in St. Kitts the body of William Daniel alias “Mundo”, 57, of Verchilds was found at a roadside in his village. He had been stabbed to death; police subsequently made an arrest in the incident. On June 30 Tonio “Dollar”Hutton, 23, of Bath Village, Nevis was found shot to death inside his home. Dustin Lapsey, 29, of Bath Village charged for the crime on July 8. On Sunday, July 7, 19-year-old Collin Merchant of Upper Monkey Hill was stabbed to death at a bar on the Frigate Bay Strip. 29-year-old Alston “Chocolate”Francis, originally from Newtown but who resides at Taylor’s Housing and New Road Housing Project was charged for his murder. Devon Browne, 19, of Brighton Estate, Cayon was on August 12 gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Upper Cayon. Police issued a person of interest wanted bulletin for a 25-year-old Cayon resident. The individual turned himself in to police 3 days later but was subsequently released without charge. On September 22, Tayan “Mackabee”Wilkin, 30 was shot dead while in a vehicle with others traveling along Cattle Long Path. No arrest has been made. Royden Peets Jr., 24, was shot twice outside his New Road Housing Project home on October 18. He succumbed to his wounds on November 1. Although police have yet to deem the death of Randolph Butler, 65, a murder, sources indicate the man was killed when gunfire erupted at his home in Hitchman’s Village, Nevis on the morning of Friday, December 27. In addition to the recorded homicides there are two contentious cases still without resolution. The body of Trevor Douglas, 34, originally from St. Pauls but who lived at Shear Lane, Basseterre was discovered the morning of March 27. He had been shot to death. While unconfirmed reports point to the incident being a police shooting, the Police Force has not taken responsibility. They have not, however, labeled the man’s death a murder. A most perplexing and disturbing case is that of 10-year-old Kadeem Pereira. The boy was set to a nearby shop in his village of Godwin Estate in the early evening of October 5. His body was discovered October 7 just a few dozen feet from the family home. Two autopsies proved inconclusive and cause of death still has not been determined. Police are hoping forensic testing will break the case.