Large number of criminal matters adjourned The four men accused of gunning down Sheldon “Sword”Cannonier on June 2, 2013 have all pleaded not guilty to their murder charge. At Tuesday’s (Sept 23) arraignment hearing for the September criminal assizes, Vance Thomas, Shane Amory, Sylvester Crossley and Kimo Flemming appeared before the new resident High Court Judge, Her Ladyship Justice Marlene Carter. This is the first time the four are being arraigned since their arrest last year. Hesketh Benjamin is the attorney for Thomas; Marsha Henderson for Amory; Marissa Hobson for Crossley; and QC Henry Browne for Flemming. Justice Carter informed them that the court would ‘set about trying to set a date for trial”and they would remain on remand until such time. Another murder accused who saw his case adjourned was Dudley Tyson, who is charged with killing Ivan Vaughn on December 4, 2012. He is being represented by attorney John Cato. Judge Carter told Tyson that unfortunately no date has yet been set for his trial however his case “is slated as one we hope to get to during this assize”. Brothers Everettte and Terence Ritchen along with Alford “Omari”Nisbett stand charged with the Aug 15, 2012 murder of Stevon Connor, and the attempted murder and wounding with intent for the shooting of Connor’s brother, Jerome. Hamilton is representing E. Ritchen, QC Browne is down for Nisbett and Hesketh Benjamin for T. Ritchen. Their matter was adjourned with no trial date set. Jamal Phillip and Charles Bowry had their rape case adjourned and bail continued. Justice Carter told Kelroy Hazel and Jahari Bart their retrial for murder “is unfortunately not a matter we think we’ll get to at this assize. Their remand will continue. Jevon Francis’ rape case was not a matter the court would get to in the next few weeks, the judge informed. His bail is continued “until you are summoned back to court”. Jamal Heath’s bail has been continued until he is summoned back to court, as his matter is likely to be heard during this assize, said Hon. Carter. She told accused murderers Darel Sutton, Kenrick and Keithroy Phillip, and Nicholas Riley they would remain remanded since she could not yet fix a date for the hearing of their matter. Lloyd Somersall’s case of indecent assault and unlawful carnal knowledge was adjourned without a trial date and his bail continued. Justice Carter told Timaj Jones, Rayjorn Richards and Shaheed Williams that they will remain on remand for murder as ‘this is not a matter that we have determined we can hear yet in this assize”. The judge told murder accused Joel Phillip that they were trying to get to his case. “We will get to you but we can’t set a date as yet.”Keithroy Duncan and Ivan Liddie saw their robbery case adjourned as well; bail was continued. Yves Joseph’s bail will be continued until a trial date can be set to hear his matter of Intent to commit Grievous Bodily Harm. Elsworth Boddie and Akeem Nisbett had their rape case adjourned without trial date. Boddie indicated he had no lawyer while Nisbett said he intends to get one. Justice Carter advised him to ‘try to sort yourself out with regard an attorney because this is a very serious matter”. Their bail is continued. Joseph Hazel’s rape case has also been adjourned without a trial date set. He remains on remand. Similarly Keithson Grant’s rape case was adjourned. The judge advised him to ‘set about getting an attorney”. His bail conditions continue until a date can be set to hear his matter. Darren Hendrickson’s attempted murder case is one Justice Carter noted as “one we would hope to hear in this assize”. His bail was continued until he is summoned back to court.