By Lesroy W. Williams Observer Reporter
” (Basseterre, St. Kitts) ” Two men are presently on trial in the High Court for the 2006 murder of Michelle Weekes-Benjamin. The high-profile trial began on October 21 with the calling of 11 witnesses to take the stand. William “Willy-Esco” Benjamin and Shervin “Squeaky” George, were charged with the murder of Michelle Weekes-Benjamin, who went missing on Monday, Oct. 30, 2006, and whose body was found three days later on Nov. 1, 2006, in a septic tank of a three-storey building on Rosemary Lane, Basseterre, that was under construction. Concerns were raised by co-workers at the National Bank Branch at the Pelican Mall in Basseterre, where Weekes-Benjamin worked, when she did not turn up for work on Oct. 30. Her husband, Leroy Benjamin, Jr., reported that he last saw his wife at about 11 pm on Oct. 29, 2006. Weekes-Benjamin was murdered at her home in Carifesta Village, St. Peters, and her body transported and dumped in the septic tank.” Her body was found after a “funny smell” alerted Arnold Paul, a building contractor, who had worked on the three-storey house at Rosemary Lane, to suspect that something was wrong. The foul scent led him to the septic tank where he saw something wrapped in a sheet. He alerted the authorities and the body was discovered in the septic tank wrapped in a multi-colored sheet with hands and feet bound, mouth covered with duct tape, and a plastic over the face.” Investigations revealed that it was the body of Michelle Weekes-Benjamin. Barbadian Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Stephen Jones, conducted a post mortem on November 3, 2006, and pronounced that she died from “asphyxia secondary to smothering”. According to him, her eyes were bulging, tongue protruding, lips swollen, body bloated and she showed signs of moderately advanced decomposition. Four men were charged for the murder but two have since been released on an application made to the Deputy of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Pauline Hendrickson, for nolle prosequi.” The legal definition of “nolle prosequi” is a declaration that the plaintiff in a civil case or the prosecutor in a criminal case will drop prosecution of all or part of a suit or indictment. Nolle prosequi literally translated from the Latin means ‘to be unwilling to pursue”. Leroy Benjamin Jr., husband of Michelle Weekes-Benjamin and Khoy “Red Rat” Jeffers, also charged with the murder of Weekes-Benjamin, walked free when the High Court opened for its new assizes on Sept. 23. The prosecution is making the case that William Benjamin, the brother-in-law of Weekes-Benjamin, murdered her at her home and that Sherwin “Squeaky” George was an accomplice to the crime by helping to dispose of her body. William was living at the time with his brother Leroy and Leroy’s wife, Michelle, the deceased. A statement given by William Benjamin to a police officer after he was arrested and taken into custody was read in the court as evidence. In that statement he admitted to committing the offence and said he did it because he saw Weekes-Benjamin spit in his food unaware that he was watching.” Sir Richard Cheltenham QC of Barbados is the prosecutor. William Benjamin, murder accused #1 is represented by Lawyer Reginald W. James and murder accused, #2 Shervin “Squeaky” George, is represented by Lawyer Hesketh Benjamin. The trial continues”