Huge Backlog Of Criminal Cases At High Court LK Hewlett Story Updated: May 06th 2015 at 12:18 pm
The May Criminal Assizes opened yesterday (May 5) with 34 matters down for trial, however only 4 were new cases coming before the high court. Several of the 30 traversed matters have been on the trial docket for two and more years; some of the offences were committed as far back as 2011. The list includes seven murder cases, seven sexual assault cases, one possession of gun and ammunition case; the others include woundings and breakings. The new cases consist of a burglary charge against Vaughn Osbourne allegedly committed 7/18/2012; Trevor Pemberton for a sexual matter allegedly committed 10/28/2010; Clynton Matthew charged with building breaking and larceny allegedly committed 9/2/2014; and Victor Challenger, Bertanio Marsham, Jeovannie Hodge, Steve Adams and Candace Norford charged with gun and ammo possession, and assault with intent to rob allegedly committed 12/11/2013.