Hundreds Walk In Support Of Cancer Care Pauline Ngunjiri Story Updated: September 28th 2015 at 2:20 pm
Two hundred and fifty participants walked on Saturday morning, Sept 26 from Brown Hill to Pinney’s Beach in support of a one year Pink Lily Cancer Care fundraising campaign dubbed “Penny for your Thoughts”. According to the Founder and Executive Director, Lea Cambridge Parris, money raised through the walkathon and other planned fund raising activities in 2015 will go towards the purchasing of a vehicle and towards the establishing of a care and support centre. Among the seemingly enthusiastic participants were the reigning Miss Culture Queen, Ivania Thibou and the reigning Swimwear Culture Queen, Shanika Joshua. “It is a very good cause. I am here to support the Pink Lily cause. I have persons in my family who are currently suffering from cancer,” Thibou told the Observer. Joshua too described the cause as “great” and said she had persons in her family suffering from cancer. Parris said the walkathon was meant to create awareness of the importance of establishing a centre where persons diagnosed and affected by cancer in the Federation can receive care and support. “We need a vehicle so that we can provide all year round awareness, care and support services. Our ultimate goal is to open a cancer centre where people can access information, where we can have consultations with persons and families affected by cancer, where survivors can have meetings and where we can sell our own merchandise to generate an income,” the Director said. Other long term activities planned in the envisaged centre include taking care of the terminally ill. She said “The Penny for Your Thoughts” campaign encourages people of all backgrounds and ages to share their thoughts with Pink Lily so that the charity can develop ideal services. “We need to educate people that early detection saves lives. We need to teach them to understand their bodies and notice changes. It is important to catch cancer early so that it can be treated. We need to save precious lives,” Parris said. Pink Lily has in the past raised EC50, 000 to pay for free mammograms for 200 women. “We educated them before they went for the examination. We also offered those identified to have cancer with post counseling.” The charity has also organized fund raisers on behalf of cancer patients seeking treatment. Parris thanked the sponsors who partnered with Pink Lily to make the walkathon successful and who donated prizes. The categories were 1st Male, 1st Female, 1st Child, Oldest and Youngest participants. The first male across the finish line was Warren Moving. He won a 2 night stay and breakfast for two at Nisbet Plantation. The first female to finish was Andrea Walwyn, winning a meal for two at the Hermitage Plantation Inn. The first child prize went to Garonzo Lawrence and Leandre Huggins, who won a meal for two at Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill. Marion Browne, 66, won a massage kit from Courts, St. Kitts for being the oldest participant. The youngest participant was Leandre Huggins,10. He won a children’s book donated by the Pink Lily Founder.