Independence? Editorial It is well articulated that St Christopher and Nevis is celebrating its 32 nd Anniversary of Independence, and all the achievements of the country so far have also been placed on record. We have stability as shown by having had only three Prime Ministers, three Premiers and four Governors General; impressive infrastructural development; a vibrant economy with high levels of employment and now the promise of a fair share for all . But there is a generation of citizens who have grown up entirely under an independent St Kitts and Nevis, who, at their oldest, will also be 32 years old. Is the thought processes of these “neo-independents” different to those of us who are older than 32, the “pre-independents”? If the spate of violent crimes is any indication, clearly the thought processes of these “independents” have changed. If their embrace and use of technology is any indication, then surely they are different to us. If their socialisation and parenting processes (e.g. the gang culture) are other indicators, then surely they are in a generational difference. And if their re-creational behaviour (and I am not talking sports) is any indication, then the thought processes have definitely changed. If we accept that change has come, and we should, then we must ask the question why. What exactly spawned such differences? Is it the fact that the country has become so penetrated by external norms, mostly as shown on American television programming? Is it the repatriation process whereby a stream of law-breakers is being forced to return home, already conditioned by alien forces? Is it the rapid growth in multi-culturalism and its attendant issues, generated mainly through immigration? Has the business of Governance facilitated a revolutionary change? Has land ownership truly empowered any of us? What are other possible factors? Has Nero been fiddling while Rome is burning? It is time for real debate. Real talk to generate working answers. Meanwhile, Happy Independence to all!