Judge Chastises Lawyers On Boundaries Injunction Case by LK Hewlett

Decision still weeks away he confirmed Justice Darshan Ramdhani has chided lawyers in the Boundaries Injunction case for misleading the public about the time frame in which he will deliver his judgment in the matter. Justice Ramdhani on Tuesday (Oct 8) sent notice to the attorneys for both the respondents and claimants in the pending injunction matter heard September 27 to appear in court. They were summoned to open court this morning at 8:45. The Justice said he had become aware that certain lawyers were making public statements with regard when he would deliver his judgment and he was putting them on notice to cease and desist. “It has come to my attention that there may be an impression within the public domain that a judgment from me in this matter is due this week. This is why I wanted to speak to you all in Open Court today. I thought that I made it clear that the Court would set a date when the judgment is ready. “I want to, for utmost clarity, say that the Court will set a date and inform the parties when the judgment is ready. For the avoidance of doubt, the Court is still giving this matter the highest priority; it still has this matter in the highest priority,”he stated. Justice Ramdhani explained that the Court still considers the matter to be “of extreme national importance”and is giving the matter the seriousness it deserves; however the court “has other duties that it has to balance”. “It will be several more weeks until a judgment is ready. I hope I make myself clear,’the judge emphasized. Following the court session two weeks ago, lead counsel for the Prime Minister, Anthony Astaphan posited that the injunction barring the Governor General et al from acting on the Constituency Boundaries Commission Report proposing boundary re-alignment, would remain in effect for another 14 days. Justice Ramdhani had, however, told the court he would need a few weeks before rendering his decision.