British national Kevin Horstwood may have to go on trial for murder without legal counsel. Horstwood, 54, was on January 2, 2012 charged with the murder of 60-year-old Matthew Murphy, a US citizen. The body of the Rawlins Plantation employee was discovered December 30, 2011, bearing stab wounds to the torso. At the time Horstwood owned and operated the boutique hotel. On Tuesday (Jan 14) Ricaldo Caines, the local agent for Horstwood’s London attorney, failed to show in court. Horstwood told Justice Darshan Ramdhani that he had not seen or spoken to the attorney since the last time he had been to court. “He hasn’t contacted me at all,’said the defendant. The Prosecution noted that Horstwood had accused the Crown of “dragging their feet since last year”and of “careless mishandling of the matter”. Crown Counsel Simpson said a draft order had been sent to Horstwood’s attorneys in London. “We have heard nothing…We’ve not even had the courtesy of a reply,”he told the judge. Horstwood complained that he had not been sent a copy of the draft order and although the judge informed him that the DPP had no obligation to be sending him documents since he had retained legal counsel. Justice Ramdhani eventually agreed to a copy being sent to the defendant at Her Majesty’s Prison. “The DPP indicated that he sent a copy to your London attorney. We are waiting on a final agreed draft order from your lawyers…The ball is in your court,”was the judge’s response. Horstwood proceeded to tell the court that he had not heard from his London attorneys or the local representatives for some time. “If your lawyers are not speaking to you, what do you want this court to do?”questioned the judge. “I presume they [London attorneys] haven’t got it [draft order],”Horstwood replied. “I would have expected today that you would have spoken to your lawyer. Mr. Caines is not here and that should tell you something,”Justice Ramdhani said. Horstwood informed that he did not have the facility to phone London and did not even have a contact number for Mr. Caines. He instructed the Prosecution to try to reach Mr. Caines. “We should not have to do his work for him,’the Crown Counsel objected. Justice Ramdhani pointed out that it was “clear that there is some question mark”over Caines’ reputation, which was ‘troubling to the court”. “All of this might prompt me to summons Mr. Caines to the court.”Horstwood assured the Nevis attorney’s terms of finance had been met and thus he had no idea why the attorney had ceased communication and not shown up in court. The judge was clearly annoyed at the attorney’s lack of communication with his client and failure to attend the session. “If he is not representing the man he should tell the man,”he said. The judge said the matter was being adjourned while the court waited for a response from Horstwood’s attorneys.