About one hundred and fifty years ago the Caribbean was invaded By the Indians. It was not a true invasion in the sense that the thousands of labourers taken from the street of Calcutta, Madras and else where, were not really enthusiastic adventurers. They were dirt poor low caste Indians, destitute homeless and penniless. They had flocked into the cities to find work which was not available and they became the solution which the British sought to relieve the Caribbean plantation owners of distress. The plantation barons of the Caribbean, especially of Trinidad and Guyana, faced the labour shortage on their sugar estates and faced disaster if they did not find cane cutters to harvest their fields of sugar cane. It was not as if the working class population was too small, but the population of Black people of Trinidad had abandoned the sugar cane fields and wanted land to work for themselves. They had not yet reached the level of sophistication to demand the plantation owners land. They were not like the Zimbabweans. All they demanded was some of the land which belonged to the Government, The Crown Lands. The Government refused to give them the land and they refused to work in the cane fields. The Government called them lazy good for nothing. The white land owners called them lazy good for nothing and a man name James Anthony Froude, a trail journalist, echoed the refrain and described the Black Trinidadian as lazy, useless and shiftless, who were prepared to lime at the waterfront earning nothing for the day. The truth, however, was that these so called lazy Black Trinidadians were coming of age; they were relishing their freedom from slavery on the land, and were determined that if they could not work for themselves on the land they would not work for no white man. So the British who owned both the colonies of British Guyana and Trinidad, decided to draw on the large surplus of idle people in India to provide a supply of workers for Trinidad, Guyana, to a limited extent Jamaica and Grenada. The outcome of this immigration experiment was interesting. The East Indians did not like the work on the plantations anymore than the Africans did. Eric Williams described them as sick labourers who reported sick as often as they could. Just like the Africans their deeper desire was to own some land unlike the African they fulfilled this desire with the compensation packet which they received at the end of their indenture. When their indenture ended some of them returned to India and re-enlisted to work and earned another compensation packet at the end of each indenture ship so that By the time they was ready to retire from can eating their lump sum was large enough to buy plots of land and the authorities were quite willing and ready to sell them the land. The East Indians were therefore able to become land owners in Trinidad on the same land which the Africans had requested as a part of the compensation packet at the end of slavery. The East Indians were late arrivals in Trinidad yet they were able to gain ascendancy over the Africans who had preceded them By nearly 300 years. The East Indians were able to enjoy reparation for them short period of indenture ship. The African got nothing for many years of bondage. Was it any wonder the African youth in Trinidad, would find alternative means of livelihood? Those who could not distinguish themselves in academic pursuits or sports, has no choice but to spend their time plotting the most bizarre crimes, unless they had the talent to play the guitar and sing the calypso. Even today the criminal conduct of the Trinidadian youth can be traced to the act of alienation of the Black Trinidadian in the land where he was born. The same analysis applies to Guyana where the conflict between the under privileged Black and the more favoured Indians erupted into serious political hostilities. St. Kitts has been largely free for all our history from the aggressiveness ravenousness of the East Indian interloper. Except for the Ram’s Enterprises, we have had little to fear from this ethic group. All through the years we have been spared the trauma experienced in Uganda and Kenya where drastic political action had to be taken to prevent the East Indians and Pakistanis from totally taking over the countries. The Development reached its ultimate possibilities in the Fiji Islands, where the original ethnics were Black. As the Indians discovered the islands, however and found that possibilities existed there, they gradually expanded their business empires into the political arena The political pot boiled over when an Indian became Prime Minister and the indigenous Blacks suddenly felt threatened. The long honeymoon is now about to end. Bothe the Indians and the Chinese are gradually but firmly encroaching on our economy. They are replacing our business Enterprises in the Jewelry grocery and clothing trades. One of them is even underbidding locals for air-conditioning contracts. Some people argue that Kittitians traverse the world in search of opportunities and should be prepared to reciprocate. While this is a valid position, we must compare what the Kittitians do when they go abroad to what the Indians and Chinese are trying to do here. When Kittitians and Nevisians go abroad they take up lowly positions and make considerable contributions to their host countries We do not usurp the space or the authority of their hosts. On the other hand we invite the Indians and Chinese, not to make any contributions but to exploit opportunities and usurp space and authority. They come to compete unfairly against our small business people and to reduce all Kittitians to unenterprising consumers and paid servants When they have successfully usurped the rights of Kittitians and Nevisians to do business they will run for elections in the next five or ten years and the Black Kittitian and Nevisians will lose whatever is left of our identity. We will lose forever the legacy of land which Dr. Douglas has been very studious in denying us. He will find a way to trade our rights over to them and to treat them as favoured people at the expense of the Black people of this Country. I can clearly see that this will happen and put as clearly what the consequences will be as our Black descendants awaken to the shock of disinheritance.