The hotel room capacity on the island will get a boost when the new villas of the Mount Nevis Hotel expansion project are complete. In a brief statement at the groundbreaking ceremony on site at the Hotel grounds in Newcastle, Minister of Tourism, Hon. Mark Brantley said the investment is a jolt in the tourism industry. “I consider this to be a significant event for the tourism industry. The Mount Nevis Hotel has clearly been in the vanguard for superior service and has been one of our top properties here for a very long time,”he said. Premier Hon. Vance Amory outlined the positive effects of the venture. “This ceremony marks a very important milestone for the Mount Nevis Hotel as it indicates the commitment Dr. Meguid and his partners in this business have to Nevis. This is for all the people of Nevis because it will have the effect of increasing opportunities for employment, for businesses to provide services, and increase the critical mass of rooms on Nevis because we need to increase this mass if we are to persuade persons to provide investments and additional seating spaces to Nevis.”The premier continued, “Upon completion, it will provide long term jobs for those who will be servicing the increased capacity which is being created in the day to day operation of this facility. There will also be benefits to taxi operators, something we’ve seen an upswing in in the last 6 or so months, there will be opportunities for other service providers, and for the government, there will be an increase in revenue which is important for us because we need to rebuild our Nevis island financial position.”Mount Nevis Hotel was established in 1989 and has contributed greatly to the island’s tourism product. Currently, Mount Nevis Hotel hosts 32 suites and three 2-bedroom villas. The additions will therefore increase its room capacity to 68, which ‘shows the further commitment of Dr. Meguid and his company to invest USD$ 60 million in the Nevis economy to construct 36 new units and that is a significant investment,”Mr. Amory lauded. Also present at the ground breaking ceremony were Deputy Governor General Sir. Eustace John, all members of the NIA Cabinet, Colin Dore, Treasurer, Dr. Adly Meguid, owner and general manager of the Mount Nevis Hotel, Evan Melbourne, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mount Nevis Hotel, local contractors and land surveyors, and others. The construction of the first building is expected to be complete by summer 2015.