Ms. Culture Swimwear 2010 Crown Won By Alsanarda Hanley By Pamela Diaz

Alsanarda Hanley, sponsored By Ms. Royal Logistics, appeared to be in disbelief and in a state of shock on Sunday, July 26, when she heard her name called as winner of the first-ever Ms. Culture Swimwear 2010, themed “I Am Woman – The Beauty in Me!” After another contestant, Felicia Silcott, sponsored By Z-Moss, won the prizes for best one-piece suit, with a total of 212 points, best two-piece suit, with 159.5 points, in addition to being named Ms. Amity, and Ms. Photogenic, both Hanley and the audience were shocked when Silcott was announced as the 1st runner up with a total of 568.5 points. Hanley won the Ms. Creative Wear contest, with 209.5 points, for a grand total of 569.5 points, narrowly edging out Silcott, and stealing the pageant spotlight. Shenelle Isaac, sponsored By Beyond Homes, took the 2nd second runner up prize with a total of 493 points. Contestants had to complete in three segments, best one-piece, best two-piece, and best creative wear. The young ladies were judged for the same criteria in both the one-piece and two-piece segments: physical fitness; suit design, suitability, and fit; and personality and carriage. In the third segment, creative wear, contestants were measured By the creativity of suit design, personality and deportment, and on impact/overall look.

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