The second floor of the Alexander Hamilton House served as an appropriate setting for a gathering of Nevis’ greatest political minds. Parliamentarians, present and past, gathered to celebrate the Nevis Island Assembly’s 30th anniversary on Tuesday, Dec.10. Deputy Governor-General Eustace John presented plaques to almost 30 past parliamentarians and their families. Mrs. Sheila Daniel received the first award for her husband, Nevis’ first premier, Hon. Dr. Simeon Daniel, who served in the assembly from 1983 until 1992. President of the assembly, Hon. Farrell Smithen, invoked the first parliamentary gathering of Dec. 10, 1983. “This, for most Nevisians, was a day in history when we could have said that we have arrived,”he said. “Certainly, for some of us if not most, that became [true] through hard work … and whatever needed to be done to achieve the Nevisian spirit.”Read the full story in the Observer ‘s Friday, Dec. 13 issue.