Nevisians have proven themselves over the past fifty or sixty years to be the most tolerant residents of Small Islands States in the world to suffer humiliations and deprivations from superimposed sister island governments. The unfairness of the dominant relationships that have been conceived, planned, and executed by the previous transitional governments of St Kitts- (of which there are many, and are too numerous to repeat here) have reached glaring critical levels. They are no longer tolerable, and there must be some positive action taken by the affected resident and non-resident Nevisians to halt the bare-faced political rape of Nevis. It would be remiss of me not to mention here the latest six political atrocities, in chronological order, that have been directed against Nevis by the current Prime Minister of the failed state of St Kitts and Nevis. These include:- The imposition of VAT without any appreciable consultation with the majority of Nevisians. The money is placed in an account that is unknown and also inadmissible to the Ministry of Finance of the NIA. Direct interference with the Electoral System in Nevis. This is aimed at securing the election of the NRP to office in Nevis and thus the control of the complete Pseudo Federal Government by the menace of the Douglas regime. Refusal to debate The Motion of No Confidence that was presented to the clerk of the House in December 2012 by Mr Mark Brantley- the Leader of the Opposition in the House. The immediate withdrawal of the Budgetary Supplementary Support immediately after the defeat of the NRP Nevis Island Government that was in coalition with the Labour Party that controlled the Pseudo Federal Government. The unfair distribution of the SIDF for the benefit of Nevis even though it is blatantly clear that Nevis is part of the ignominious state of St Kitts & Nevis. The sale of Passports and the granting of Diplomatic status to some foreigners. The granting of such status could be potentially dangerous to Nevisians, who do not know anything about the procedures involved and the specific tasks that such appointees should perform. The scorched earth policy that has been meticulously devised and applied by the now illegitimate Prime Minister of St Kitts And Nevis has raised searching questions as to the merits and demerits of the specific reasons why he had gone through such severe pains to impose them on a financially cash – strapped Nevis, and, to a lesser extent, on the people of some of the resident Kittitians who do not see eye to eye with him. The only reason that rational political analysts could arrive at is one of the provocation of some of the local residents to rebel against the scorched earth policies that he has imposed on the besieged people of St Kitts & Nevis. We must be aware that if there are any manifestly imposed reaction by the deprived and disadvantaged members of society as a result of the imposition of scorched earth policies against Nevisians and Kittitians, there could possibly be recognised defences that may be appropriate in such circumstances. If it could be shown that the deprived people of the failed state were under the illusion of irresistible impulse and there is no other way in which they could control themselves, such a defence could be a liberal and modified interpretation of the law for their protection and restoration of their rights and natural justice. This would give the people the opportunity to do the right thing to free themselves from the shackles that have bound them for the long and tiresome period of eighteen years that have been the source and cause of the various mental and psychological afflictions that have plagued them throughout the period. In the unlikely event of such a reaction, this state of affairs could possibly give the Prime Minister the opportunity to increase and to impose further austerity measures on an already subdued and heavily burdened people. We must remember that part of his already overloaded portfolio includes responsibilities for defence and the police, and the command and control of these personnel are at his fingertips. He must be terribly disappointed that the law-abiding people of the state have not reacted in a sufficiently volatile manner that would cause him to unleash his bitter fury on them. This is one of his major failures, but he has not given up because he still has high hopes of achieving his grandiose ambitions which manifest themselves by his attempts at the introduction of all kinds of schemes that tend to latch on to some individuals who are less fortunate, and out of sheer necessity, fall into his trap. A scheme that comes to mind is the PEP project; this gives the participants a mere hope of survival, but in reality, it is just a temporary and partial reprieve from the desperation in which they have found themselves. As far as Nevisians are concerned, too many adverse activities and policies have been seriously mitigated against their future development. Those of us who, up until a fortnight ago have not been convinced about the gravity of our plight, but could now see the predicament that faces us today. Recent revelations have shown that the Denzil Douglas’ regime has created foreign born diplomats and issued them with the requisite diplomatic passports that are being sold for the princely sum of USD1,000 000.00. We do not know how many of those individuals who have been appointed, but gradually their identities are being revealed by their covert activities as in the case of Mr Moghadam, an Iranian who tried unofficially to gain an audience with the Canadian Prime Minister on behalf of the regime of the Government of St Kitts and Nevis. We are now faced with a grave situation. Nevisians, on the whole, are well aware of the hopeless and perilous position that they are in, and it would get worse before it gets better if no positive action is taken to arrest this creeping menace that we have to face on a daily basis. We now have to strengthen our resolve to rid ourselves of the perils of the dictatorship that is imposed upon us by the loose agreements that are associated with our spurious relationships with the governments of St Kitts. Enough adverse activities have recently smacked Nevisians in their faces to hastily close their ranks, to unite for a common purpose, and to work out terms for separate peaceful co-existence with the good people of St Kitts. Nevis’ Political Position has now reached breaking point. We cannot allow the domination of Nevis to continue by the whims and fancies of the exceptional extroverted Kittitian politicians who are only interested in living parasitic political lives from the efforts of hard-working Nevisians. P.T. Lawrence 2 nd December 2013