New Joint Federal Cabinet To Be determinedNew Joint Federal Cabinet To Be determined LK Hewlett Story Updated: February 18th 2015 at 10:36 am
A new slate of MPs has been elected to office but ministerial appointments are yet to be determined. The Observer spoke with PLP Deputy and former Deputy Prime Minister Sam Condor who says that is still being worked out. “The Federal Cabinet has not been sorted out as yet; all those things will take a little time,” he said. Condor was unable to win his seat to be returned to the federal parliament. PAM MPs include Party Leader and Co-deputy of Team Unity, Hon Shawn Richards; Hon. Eugene Hamilton; Ian “Patches” Liburd, Hon. Lindsay Grant. Two of the Team Unity MPS are Nevis Premier Hon. Vance Amory and his Deputy Hon. Mark Brantley. Liburd and Grant are new to the National Assembly, the others having sat on the opposition benches under the previous government. Condor said once Prime Minister-elect Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris takes the oath of office, the parties will see about deciding the constitution of the new Cabinet, including a new Attorney General. He said the ceremony to swear in the new MPs may take place as early as Friday; however since Dr. Harris has yet to be sworn in 48hours after the election, the event could take place as late as next week.