New Road Family Park Set For Completion In 2016 Jermine Abel The New Road Family Park may have a completion date in 2016, if the government approves the budget for the second phase of the project. Minister of Public Infrastructure, Hon. Ian Liburd explained to this publication that the completion of that phase depends on the Estimates Committee finalizing its presentations. He said the project falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Social Development. “One has to bear in mind that under a new administration, we came in and met a budget with expenditure approved by the parliament since December 2014 . We came in within the budget cycle for the fiscal year…the budget estimates process is almost complete and by October we should be going into the final phase; what we call the estimates committee or Cabinet.” Just recently, Hon. Liburd revealed to The Observer that the government was squeezing monies from the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) to fund ongoing projects, however the Family Park may not be one of them. “That particular project will come from the relevant ministry and would be looked at by the Estimates Committee, and approved or disapproved. No doubt it will be approved and it will now fall in the next year’s budget estimates which have to go to parliament by December.” The New Road family park was opened in December 2014 with then Minister of Social Development, Marcella Liburd cutting the ribbon. The park, which houses slides and play areas for children, cost approximately US$500,000 and gained funding from the government of the Republic of China on Taiwan. Phase two of the project includes construction of a parking area and the development of lands in vicinity. Liburd did not, however, indicate if the 2016 budget will include maintenance costs for the facility.