Hon. Patrice Nisbett says some of the general public’s fears regarding the potential threat of Ebola are “unfounded”. The Foreign Minister was at the time speaking to the formulation of a national strategy of education and dissemination of information to the public about Ebola related issues. This came out of a stakeholder meeting held Tuesday (Oct 22) to activate a St. Kitts-Nevis Ebola Readiness Working Group of the National Disaster Mitigation Council. Hon. Dr Asim Martin, Deputy Prime Minister is chairman of the Council and Nisbett the Deputy Chair. “Out of this [meeting] we will devise the necessary strategies that are required in order to allay the various fears, however unfounded they are, which now exist in St. Kitts and Nevis, in relation to the Ebola virus,”he said. Despite his comment about the public’s “unfounded”fears of the potential threat of EVD, Nisbett said the need for education and relaying of accurate information to the populace is a priority. “One of the high priority areas identified is the need for education and dissemination of accurate information to the general public,”he said. The Ebola Preparedness Working Group is tasked with, among other things, developing a draft SKN Ebola Contingency Plan that addresses preparedness, response and recovery. The Ebola Contingency Plan is to be presented at the 13 th November, 2014 meeting of the Mitigation Council.