There was no distribution of laptops to the first form students of the Gingerland Secondary, Charlestown Secondary or the Nevis International Secondary schools this week as had been indicated by the NIA. According to a Nevis Island Administration press release on Monday (Dec 1), students of the three secondary schools were to have received their laptops on Wednesday (Dec 3). The Observer was reliably informed that the distribution did not take place but was unable to reach schools’ or Ministry of Education officials for an explanation. Last week Tuesday Federal Ministers Hon. Patrice Nisbett and Hon. Glenn Phillip arrived at the Charlestown Secondary School with St. Kitts state-owned media ZIZ and other persons to distribute laptops, but the distribution was not allowed to take place. The NIA said no notice had been given to the Nevis government or schools. Premier Hon. Vance Amory, Minister of Education, said the students not receiving laptops was “regrettable but was due to the lack of proper protocol by the officials from the Federal Government in St Kitts”. The NIA was criticized for disallowing the federal initiative to occur. Information Minister Hon. Mark Brantley maintained however, once the necessary procedures were observed, ‘the relevant officials in Nevis will certainly partner with their colleagues in St. Kitts to ensure that Nevisian children benefit fully from this national initiative”. “This is what happened on previous occasions and no less is expected on this occasion,”he added. Carlisle Powell, former Junior Minister in the NRP-led Administration, blasted the Premier saying the students should have been allowed to receive their laptops. “It was the most unfortunate situation because the 171 young students who were denied the right to be equal to their counterparts in St. Kitts who have their computers, need not be mixed up in the politics,”Powell told the Observer. “For the Nevis Island Administration and Premier Vance Amory in particular, to deny them the right to have their own computers is a travesty. I hope that this will be sorted out very soon because it need not have happened,”he added. Powell questioned the explanation about the lack of proper protocol, saying the Premier uses ‘that excuse”only when it suits his situation. “Vance Amory is the last person to be talking about protocol because he uses protocol when he wants to…I will not accept this nonsense about protocol at all,”he asserted. He said Hon. Amory should speak to the authorities in St. Kitts instead of ‘taking it out”on the students. “If Vance Amory, as premier and minister of Education, had an issue with protocol, take that up with the minister responsible for education in St. Kitts. Take it up with the minister responsible for technology in St. Kitts… and with the federal government. Do not take it out on the 171 students”Powell charged. Concerning the indicated distribution, Powell said the government would have “come to its senses”late. “It means that the government has come to its senses a week late and all this self-serving, beating of chest and saying that he is big and in charge by Vance Amory, has only resulted in him offending the 171 students plus their families. It has served no useful purpose whatsoever,”Powell said. Brantley fired back, saying he did not expect Powell or any of the “Labour/NRP cult’to understand proper protocol. He stood by the Premier’s decision not to allow ‘such blatant disrespect of the lawfully elected majority government of Nevis”.