Nothing to celebrate for Independence As one looks around at a people despondent and businesses on the brink of collapse one may surmise that there is little to celebrate for the 30th Anniversary of our Independence. All the pomp, fairs and music cannot take away the anger the people feel over having a government that the majority do not want. Many on the streets who are feeling the squeeze of VAT, joblessness, high electricity bills, high cost of food are saying where is the “Stability, Creativity and Prosperity’the government is trumpeting as the theme for Independence? We have reverted back to the days of colonialism where the people are disenfranchised except this time it is not at the hands of white estate owners. Even worse, it has come at the hands of a well celebrated son of the soil. The only persons enjoying prosperity are the 3% of the population who according to a popular calypso, are sucking Labour’s breast. One need not look far to spot these breast suckers rolling in their fancy vehicles, building huge homes on prime land and living lavish lifestyles while the masses are once again almost living in squalor. The crown for creativity has to go to the Prime Minister for his long list of excuses for not debating the Motion of No Confidence. He is the only one ‘working his head’ figuring out how to use the SIDF millions to win an election when the people are clamoring “Dougie must go!”His creative juices were flowing particularly high when he concocted the plan to Dougie-mander the constituency boundaries in his party’s favor. St. Kitts-Nevis is considered to be the poster child for instability in a country with the current political quagmire. Potential investors want to know if we are going left, right, up or down. They will not make a move until things settle down. The only ones who are ‘investing’ are the ones who for one reason or another want to buy our passports; another issue that has the eyes of international agencies and governments on St. Kitts and Nevis. As we continue to demand democracy be restored and peace be returned to our beloved nation, let us come together not in fete and pageantry but as one people fighting to take our country back from the hands of those who seek only to loot and plunder.