Parents of Basseterre High School students will, later today (May 14), get an update from school management on the newly implemented shift system. The meeting is scheduled for 5pm at the Wesleyan Holiness Outreach Centre in Shadwell. “The main purpose of this meeting is to update you on arrangements for the shift system with the Washington Archibald High School,”a notice signed by principal Carlene Morton informed parents yesterday. The BHS was not re-opened after the two-week Easter vacation break last month due to continued health concerns. The students remained at home for one week while Ministry of Education and Health officials, school management and Teacher’s Union worked out some issues involving the relocation of the staff and students. On May 7 BHS students began attending classes from 1:30pm-6:15pm and WAHS students from 7:45am-1:15pm. School and ministry of education personnel have raised the issue of rotating shifts after the first month however there has been no official announcement to date. What did CARPHA have to say? Meanwhile parents await information relating to the visit of a research team from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) following a three-day preliminary assessment of the BHS and students and staff who reported illnesses. Government media reported that the team made several recommendations and carried out testing at the school compound. Recommendations included the development and implementation of an environmental management program of regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning of the school environment; increased frequency of removal of solid waste material from the school; implementation of a pest control strategy; testing to identify if there are any leakages in the sewage system; and a full time school nurse for at least one year after the school re-opens; A draft report of the CARPHA team’s findings was to have been submitted to the Ministry of Education on 12 May and a final report on May 26 once laboratory test results are received.