Parliament Opens Today With Pomp And Ceremony

Parliament Opens Today With Pomp And Ceremony LK Hewlett Story Updated: May 14 th 2015 at 10:28 am
Invited guests and members of the general public have thronged government headquarters this morning to attend the ceremony to open the new parliament. The convening of the first sitting of the National Assembly comes almost 3 months after the Unity coalition, led by Dr. Timothy Harris, was elected to office ousting the 20-year-old Labour Party regime. PM Harris will take up the leadership mantle in the House and usher in the new government parliamentarians- Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Shawn Richards, Hon. Eugene Hamilton, Hon. Lindsay Grant, Hon. Ian Liburd, Hon. Vance Amory [Premier], Mark Brantley, Attorney General Hon. Vincent Byron Jr., Senator Wendy Phipps and Senator Michael Perkins. Businessman Franklin Brand will be sworn in as Speaker and government Senator Michael Perkins will be nominated as Deputy Speaker. Members of Parliament, elected and nominated shall take their oath(s) of office and newly appointed Governor General Deputy QC Tapley Seaton will read the Throne Speech. Former Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas will be sworn in as Opposition Leader and take his seat on the opposition benches along with the two elected Labour Party candidates Marcella Liburd and Konris Maynard. Former government minister Nigel Carty will be sworn in as Opposition Senator. Former Cabinet Minister Patrice Nisbett of the NRP will complete the opposition parliamentarians. Presently the Guard of Parade is performing the Guard of Honor in front the government headquarters. .

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