PM Douglas Reacts To Privy Council Ruling LK Hewlett Story Updated: February 12 th 2015 at 4:59 pm
Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas this afternoon gave a response to the Privy Council’s ruling that the elections in St. Kitts and Nevis be held on the old boundaries. The Privy Council Justices ruled this morning (Feb 12) that the High Court and Court of Appeal orders were set aside and the interim injunction Justice Marlene Carter imposed on January 16 prohibiting the use of the boundary change proclamation made that day, is re-instated. The PC also ruled that the elections would be held on the constituency boundaries as they were prior to the PM’s attempt to change them January 16, and the voters list to be used would reflect the old boundaries. PM Douglas said given the extreme complexities of the issues the court’s ruling is in fact considering, the matter required a statement to the people “The English law Lords have ordered the electoral officials to use the unfair and unequal boundaries for the election which will take place on Monday, 16 th February. “While I profoundly disagree with the interim injunction you have to remember that it is only a temporary measure,” he said. “It is clear that the Privy Council has failed to take into account the democratic will and sentiments of the people especially at this time. We in Labour feel there is a real golf of misunderstanding between what has gone on in a courtroom in London and the mood of the ordinary man and woman on the streets here in St. Kitts and Nevis.” He said the Opposition had a “love for obscure legal proceedings” and would have challenged the outcome of the elections anyway. Dr. Douglas said he is confident his Labour Party would win on the same boundaries to be returned to office for a fifth term next week. He said he would then pursue “permanently establishing fair boundaries”.’ Following his national address Dr. Douglas took to the platform at a public meeting convened at short notice in front of Masses House on Church Street.