Prime Minister Douglas is now facing two motions of no confidence in his government after Opposition MPs withdrew the court matter on the first one and on filed a second one this week. On Wednesday (July 3) the majority of elected members filed a new motion of no confidence in the leadership of Dr. Denzil Douglas and his “minority” administration. PAM Leader Hon Shawn Richards made the announcement Thursday during a national address. “On Wednesday, 3rd July, I, as the Leader of the People’s Action Movement, PAM, filed a second Motion of No Confidence against the Government and the illegal Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas. In addition, we, the six elected majority of representatives in the National Assembly, have as of today’s date, withdrawn the matter before the court that we brought a few months ago,” he said. Hon. Richards said Douglas has been using the court case as an excuse not to have the motion of no confidence debated. The matter, filed in April, was scheduled to be heard in the courts next week (July 11-12). “With this new action, my fellow citizens, the minority government and the illegal government now have, one the one hand, a new Motion of No Confidence, that was filed yesterday Wednesday and we have also stopped the court case that Douglas claimed was preventing him from bringing the motion to parliament,” he said. The MP said the Unity Coalition members of PAM, PLP and CCM will do all within their power and the law, to force ‘this tyrant and dictator, out of power and save this land we love so much”. “Prime Minister Denzil Douglas has dillydallied with the Motion, saying that the Constitution does not give a date for it to be heard and has refused to expedite the matter in the Parliament, which led to us filing the case in the court charging that our constitutional rights have been violated,” said Richards. “The refusal to table the MONC has led to increasing political tension in the country that has provoked thousands of persons to march against the Douglas-led administration in what they see as an undermining of democratic principles in St. Kitts and Nevis.” Richards revealed some of the contents of the new motion which speak to SIDF monies being used to fund foreign-owned real estate projects, the repatriating of land to foreigners, Dr. Douglas’ intention to change the constituency boundaries and his “mismanagement” of the public purse. “Other developments have further led us to have no confidence in the Government such as the delaying of tabling the first MONC …The Prime Minister has constantly and willfully disregarded the Constitution of the Country; that the Prime Minister has failed to consult the country prior to the Land for Debt Swap Agreement with National Bank with the resultant sellout of our patrimony; the Prime Minister has caused countless millions of dollars from the SIDF to be invested and wasted in projects said to be owned by foreign investors, including Christophe Harbor and Kittitian Hill while local businesses continue to suffer and decline; the Prime Minister has failed to lend support to the people of Nevis thereby causing unnecessary default in their Treasury Bonds; the Prime Minister and his minority government are attempting to gerrymander the Electoral Boundaries in St. Kitts and Nevis in order to adversely affect the majority of Elected Representatives.” Another protest march has been planned for today (Friday) beginning at Greenlands Park at 4pm and ending with a rally on Bank Street. Richards did not indicate if police have granted permission for the demonstration. The PAM Leader called on citizens to again turn out to protest peacefully in the streets of Basseterre. “Let me be clear, fellow citizens, the People’s Action Movement and its partners, the CCM and PLP, have no intentions of tolerating Douglas anymore as an illegal and illegitimate prime minister. We have decided to take decisive action, starting on Friday.”