PM Harris Announces Immediate Enhanced National Security Measures LK Hewlett Story Updated: March 2nd 2015 at 2:06 pm
In the face of two shooting murders in five days, Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris is assuring citizens of his government’s zero tolerance to crime. This morning Dr. Harris, Minister of National Security, addressed the nation, offering ondolences to the family of Jason Francis, who was murdered last night (Mar 1), and other families that experienced similar loss. It is times like these, he said, when the people of St. Kitts-Nevis must strengthen their resolve to never allow a “misguided, selfish few among us to intimidate our people and terrorize our neighborhoods”. PM Harris said his government would want the perpetrators of ‘these cold and cowardly acts” to know that the long arm of the law will eventually catch up with them. “Let me be clear, as the Prime Minister of this beautiful country, just so that the criminals will know that we expect law agents to find them wherever they are, and that they will be prosecuted and be taken off our streets,” he avowed. “These streets do not belong to the criminals. They belong to the law abiding citizens and residents.” PM Harris stressed that the new government holds citizen safety and security as a top priority. “Let there be no mistake about that. My administration will at all times have a zero tolerance towards crime, period.” Speaking to the destabilizing effects of crime on societies and economies, he said the government will be resolute and relentless in the fight against crime. “Our country will not be defined by a miniscule, deviant group of people that neither attributes value nor shows respect for human life.” The government will implement immediate enhanced preventative security measures, follow through on its commitment that police will have the necessary crime fighting resources, provide increased prosecutorial support, address the prevailing ‘no snitching’ culture, increase emphasis on the Crimestoppers initiative, and consult further with the OECS Supreme Court regarding the creation of a special court to address cases of violent crimes, guns and drugs. “The criminal elements in this country must know they will have no safe haven here. Our people deserve to live in safe and secure neighborhoods “It is a new day,” said Dr. Harris.