POGSON MEDICAL CENTRE TO OFFICALLY OPEN NEXT THURSDAY By Nigel Jameson Just over one month ago, when PM Douglas, a medical doctor by training and profession, visited the Pogson Medical Centre which was still to be occupied and officially opened, he said the facility reflected a thrust in the delivery of health care to the residents of Sandy Point and the surrounding communities. On Tuesday the PM announced that the centre will be officially opened next week Thursday with a ceremony beginning at 4:30 p.m. The Pogson Hospital has been refurbished and upgraded on its existing location and combined with it, the Sandy Point Health Centre which has served Sandy Point and its environs for many decades. PM Douglas acknowledged that the center is a modern facility with an ambience that includes a completely new wall structure and new equipment that will bring comfort to those who are delivering and receiving healthcare services. “It is an opportunity for the doctor, the medical optician and the obstetrician and gynecologist to provide the services in a more relaxed atmosphere. When you look at what is being provided in the community health section of the medical center, you have the dentist, the environmental health worker; they to a large extent with the supporting staff of the nurses should be very comfortable in this new facility.”He underscored the fact that the commissioning of the facility is a landmark accomplishment. “I ask for God’s blessing both on all those who will work there in the years ahead, as well as all whoever may enter those doors seeking to replace pain with comfort, and illness with healing,’said Prime Minister Douglas.